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EmuCR: RuMSXRuMSX v0.83 is released. RuMSX was one of the first MSX emulations for the 32bit Windows platform. The main-problem is that no one of the existing emulators is really complete. To finish such a project with success it is necessary, that this emulator is FreeWare.

RuMSX v0.83 Changelog:
HALTED RuMSX instances did not immediately stop, if termination was attempted by using Windows TaskBar.
Accessing missing A: or B: drive now results in the correct error "The system cannot find the drive specified."
Fix for ASCII16-Mapper:
"Vaxol" writes to invalid memory locations, which are now excluded.
Added new "ASCII MegaROM (ASCII/16 KByte) V2" ROM-type.
Most copies of the "Andorogynus" ROM are using the ASCII/16K-mapper.
But a few copy copies require this special ROM-type, with switching address &H8000.
Added new "ObsoNET" ROM-type (experimental)
TMS9918A EC bit was mistakenly ignored (MSX1 could not shift sprites 32 pixels to the left)
(e.g. affected "Actman" in MSX1-mode)z.B. affected "Actman" in MSX1-mode) e.g. affected "Actman" in MSX1-mode)
Fixed incorrect debug-message "Virtual error reading drive", even if there was no read-error (but an error-file is present)
VDP IE1 interrupt-flag is reset on read, even if IE1 is disabled Working (again): F-Nano 2, The Haunted Demo, ...
(Bug was new since RuMSX v0.41)
YM3802 operations always wrote debug-output to the console. (Fix improves performance of MIDI commands)
Philips Music Composer was frozen in main-menu, due to missing ADPCM-interrupt.
Added experimental support for extended DSK file format
(using 128 Byte header and additional ending-block, often used in games from www.msxgamesbox.com)
Improved support for DDI-images (now more DDI file-formats are supported)
Fixed SCC+ ROM/RAM mapper.
Fixed "Tape", "A:" and "B:" buttons:
Incorrect Tab was selected if number of disk-drives was not 2. Example, if a 2nd DISK.ROM was mounted.
Improved autodetect for many classic Konami games with SCC/SCC+ with size of 40KB
(e.g. Antarctic Adventure SCC/SCC+)
Improved autodetect for Disk-To-ROM games with size of 48KB
(e.g. Confused?, Donkey Kong, Spy Vs Spy II)
Fixed autodetect of Zoids [ASCII/16 KByte, switch address $77F8]
Extended ROM-Database:
Alien Syndrome [ASCII/16 KByte]
Andorogynus [ASCII MegaROM (ASCII/16 KByte) V2]
Harry Fox MSX Special [Hydlide 2]
Harry Fox Yki No Maoh [Snow Demon King + patched ASCII/16 KByte]
Improved autodect for some versions of the following ROMs:
Aliens 2 (Zemina)
Bat Man
Darwin 4078
Fishing Freak
Mon Mon Monster
ObsoNET (experimental)
Strategic Mars
XYZ / Zukkoke Yajikita Onmitsudoutyuu
Added experimental Dir-as-Disk feature (for MSX-DOS 1). Do not (yet) use together with SCSI or IDE controllers.
When restoring a save-state "Sprites disabled" mode was sometimes not restored.
When switching to MSX1 configuration sprites were sometimes permanently invisible.
Pending SCSI configuration changes were not fully applied on reboot.
Coincidence of transparent sprites was mistakenly detected.
"Labirint" is now working (without cheat).
Fixed bug in debug-log of memory mapper, sometimes refering to the wrong slot.

Download: RuMSX v0.83
Source: Here

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