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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.83.2 (2020/05/31) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
Added help messages for some supported commands. (Wengier)
Added phone book support for the emulated modem. There is
a new phonebookfile= option in the [serial] section. The
phone book file entries need to be in the format of:
" " e.g.
5551234 cavebbs.homeip.net:23
Implemented the missing EMS subfunctions 52h and 59h by
porting the patch that adds them (Wengier)
Fixed issues with the "config -wcd -all" command and other
updates to the CONFIG command (Wengier)
Added [config] section in dosbox-x.conf to resemble DOS's
CONFIG.SYS file. It currently supports REM, BREAK, NUMLOCK,
SET and LASTDRIVE commands. The file CONFIG.SYS will appear
on the Z: drive, similar to AUTOEXEC.BAT file. The [config]
section can be bypassed with the -noconfig command-line
option or with the secure mode enabled (Wengier)
Moved PC-98 related config options (starting with "pc-98 ")
from [dosbox] and [dos] sections to its own [pc98] section.
These options in existing dosbox-x.conf/dosbox.conf files
will be automatically redirected to the [pc98] section from
the other sections when DOSBox-X starts (Wengier)
The user directory DOSBox-X uses has been changed to use the
DOSBox-X directory (e.g. from ~/.dosbox to ~/.config/dosbox-x
on Linux platform). It will be read after the dosbox-x.conf
file in the current directory (Wengier)
Config option "dpi aware" now supports the "auto" setting
to auto-decide on the best setting for the platform. This
fixes very small window issue on high DPI devices such as
Microsoft Surface tablets. (Wengier)
Added DTASEG, DTAOFF, and PSPSEG as hex value constants to
the debugger interface to aid in debugging DOS programs.
New command-line option -helpdebug added to list debug-
related command-line options. The standard -? / -h / -help
command-line option will no longer list them (Wengier)
Implemented LFN support for FAT driver, so that it is now
possible to view directory list, create or open files and
directories etc with long filenames on FAT12/16/32 drives
just like on mounted local drives.
FAT driver cleaned up and fixed to avoid edge cases that
can corrupt directory entries and leave lost clusters
on the disk, also fixed to always report root directory
as a directory through the GetFileAttribute INT 21h call,
needed by MOVE.EXE and XCOPY.EXE to work properly.
IMGMOUNT auto geometry detection will assume LBA disk
and fake C/H/S geometry if the disk is 4GB or larger,
the MBR lacks executable code, or the first partition
is Windows 98-style LBA FAT16 or FAT32.
IMGMOUNT now assumes ISO type by default if the image file
extension is .iso/.cue/.bin/.mdf. No need for "-t iso" in
this case; but (if appliable) it can be overridden by for
example "-t hdd". (Wengier)
IMGMOUNT command (no parameters) now lists mounted FAT/ISO
drives and mounted drive numbers, also SUBST command (no
parameters) now lists mounted local drives (Wengier)
INT AH=36h fixed to convert free space but maintain a
cluster size (bytes/sector * sectors/cluster) that is less
than 64KB to avoid divide by 0 crashes with FORMAT.COM /S
Added FAT32 free/total disk space API for FAT driver, and
updated INT 21h AX=7303h to call it. FAT driver now provides
FAT32 extended disk free/total through FAT32 API and 2GB
limited free/total through INT 21h AH=36h for older DOS
programs. Shell DIR command updated to use FAT32 free space
API to show free space even on FAT32 partitions larger than
2GB, but only if the DOS version is set to 7.1 or higher.
Added FAT32 INT21h and IOCTLs needed by MS-DOS 7.1/Windows 98
versions of SCANDISK.EXE and FORMAT.COM, such as DOS functions
for "FAT32 extended" absolute disk read and write.
Improved FAT32 support to the FAT driver, including direct
support for FAT32 drives in the DOSBox-X command shell. Files,
directories and volume labels on FAT32 drives can be listed,
read from or written to just like on FAT12/16 drives.
Added DOS IOCTL read/write logical device track functions so
that FORMAT.COM is able to verify and modify the partition table
to successfully format a hard drive image. Also added stub to
DOS IOCTL "format device track" for FORMAT.COM.
You can now force unmount a drive and then mount it to a new
directory in one command, e.g. "MOUNT C C:\DOS -U" (Wengier)
REN command can now rename directories (in addition to files) on
FAT drives just like on local drives (Wengier)
Several improvements to DEL command, such as a new /F option to
force delete of read-only files, and improved handling when the
argument is a directory (Wengier)
LS command added to list directory contents. It does not support
all options as in Unix/Linux platform (Wengier)
DIR /O & /OG supported in addition to /ON|/OE|/OS|/OD options.
Options such as /-O & /-A can be used to override /O, /A etc if
they are specified in the DIRCMD environment varaible (Wengier)
DIR and VOL commands now display real serial numbers for mounted
local drives (Windows only) and FAT drives (Wengier)
Fixed SYS command not working properly (Wengier)
DOS kernel INT 21h function Set File Attribute no longer
allows changing volume label attributes and fixes directory
attributes in order to prevent filesystem corruption.
This prevents Windows 95 Setup from creating WINBOOT.INI
and then changing it into a directory with the call.
FAT driver bugs fixed where a newly created zero length file
combined with a lseek() can corrupt filesytem structures
(root directory and/or the second FAT table). This fixes
filesystem corruption when running Windows 95 install.
Enabled printer emulation for non-Windows OSes (Linux,
Mac OS X, etc.). FreeType2 is required to enable
printer emulation at compile time.
Added command-line option "-o" for MOUNT command so that
it can be specified whether to report mounted local drives
as remote (network) drives. It is "auto" by default just
like the virtual drive Z:.
Added config option "drive z is remote" in dosbox-x.conf
to report drive Z: as a remote (network) drive. It is
"auto" by default, which will try to prevent SCANDISK.EXE
from Windows 9x installs to scan and "repair" drive Z:
which is not backed by a disk filesystem.
Fixed clip_key_modifier setting not working when it is
set to alt, ctrl or shift in the SDL2 build. (Wengier)
Sending "Ctrl+Alt+Del" key from the menu will now reset
the system within DOSBox-X when the intergrated DOS or a
real DOS booted from a disk image is active. (Wengier)
PC speaker output fixed not to timeout and stop rendering
unless the PC speaker output is not emitting anything
audible anyway (Fix for Sopwith 1 and 2).
Added ALIAS command to define or display aliases.
"HELP command" now works the same as "command /?" for
supported internal commands. (Wengier)
Improved handling of quotes in some commands. (Wengier)
Added -set command-line option to change config options.
It can be specified multiple times for multiple options,
overriding any options in the config file. For example,
the command "dosbox-x.exe -set machine=pc98" will force
DOSBox-X to start in PC-98 mode. (Wengier)
Re-added full drive menu items for the Windows platform.
The "Boot from drive" item (A:, C: and D: drives only)
should work in other platforms too. The BOOT command is
also improved to allow e.g. "BOOT A:" to work. (Wengier)
INT 10h vector now points into VGA BIOS as a workaround
for DOS programs that use vector location as part of
their EGA/VGA detection. This fixes blink attribute
and EGA/VGA detection failure with SuperCalc 3 and
SuperCalc 4. This option, enabled by default, can be
disabled or enabled from dosbox-x.conf.
Improved long filename (LFN) and SetFileAttr/GetFileAttr
support for PC-98 mode. (Wengier)
Added config option "lfn" to enable/disable long filename
(LFN) support. With default setting of "auto", LFN support
is enabled if the reported DOS version is at least 7.0.
Added config option "automountall" (default: false) to
automatically mount all available Windows drives (Wengier)
The copy & paste Windows clipboard text via the right
mouse button feature now has support for PC-98 mode too
in addition to other modes. (Wengier)
MPU401 IRQ fixed to properly default to 2 or 9 in IBM
PC/XT/AT mode depending on the "enable slave pic" config
option (rderooy)
Fluidsynth defaults fixed for better more reliable audio
streaming on Linux and Mac OS X (Wengier and rderooy)
Improved support for FluidSynth MIDI device by porting
code from DOSBox ECE. Set "mididevice=fluidsynth" along
with other required options such as "fluid.soundfont"
in dosbox-x.conf to use it. The previous config setting
"mididevice=synth" is still supported for alternative
implementation of FluidSynth. (Wengier)

Download: DOSBox-X v0.83.2 (2020/05/31)
Source: Here

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