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EmuCR: mGBAmGBA v0.8.2 is released. mGBA is a new emulator for running Game Boy Advance games. It aims to be faster and more accurate than many existing Game Boy Advance emulators, as well as adding features that other emulators lack.

- Near full Game Boy Advance hardware support[1].
- Fast emulation. Known to run at full speed even on low end hardware, such as netbooks.
- Qt and SDL ports for a heavy-weight and a light-weight frontend.
- Save type detection, even for flash memory size[2].
- Real-time clock support, even without configuration.
- A built-in BIOS implementation, and ability to load external BIOS files.
- Turbo/fast-forward support by holding Tab.
- Frameskip, configurable up to 9.
- Screenshot support.
- 9 savestate slots. Savestates are also viewable as screenshots.
- Video and GIF recording.
- Remappable controls for both keyboards and gamepads.
- Loading from ZIP files.
- IPS and UPS patch support.
- Game debugging via a command-line interface (not available with Qt port) and GDB remote support.

mGBA v0.8.2 Changelog:
Emulation fixes:
- ARM: Fix timing on Thumb shift instructions
- GB: Fix GBC game registers after skipping BIOS
- GB MBC: Support 4MB MBC30 ROMs (fixes #1713)
- GB Video: Fix BGPS value after skipping BIOS (fixes #1717)
- GBA: Add missing RTC overrides for Legendz games
- GBA BIOS: Reset renderer when RegisterRamReset called (fixes #1756)
- GBA SIO: Fix Multiplayer busy bit
- GBA SIO: Fix double-unloading active driver
- GBA Timers: Fix deserializing count-up timers
- GBA Video: Fix mosaic objects drawing past the end (fixes #1702)
- GBA Video: Fix disabling OBJWIN in GL renderer (fixes #1759)
- GBA Video: Add missing parts of 256-color mode 0 mosaic (fixes #1701)
- GBA Video: Fix double-size OBJ wrapping in GL renderer (fixes #1712)
- GBA Video: Simplify sprite cycle counting (fixes #1279)
- GBA Video: Fix sprite/backdrop blending regression

Other fixes:
- 3DS: Fix framelimiter on newer citro3d (fixes #1771)
- ARM: Fix disassembling of several S-type instructions (fixes #1778)
- ARM Debugger: Clear low bit on breakpoint addresses (fixes #1764)
- CMake: Always use devkitPro toolchain when applicable (fixes #1755)
- Core: Fix ELF loading regression (fixes #1669)
- Core: Fix crash modifying hash table entry (fixes #1673)
- GB Video: Fix some cases where SGB border doesn’t draw to multi-buffers
- GBA: Reject incorrectly sized BIOSes
- GBA: Break infinite loop for 0-frame mVLs (fixes #1723)
- Qt: Fix OpenGL 2.1 support (fixes #1678)
- Qt: Fix unmapping zipped ROM (fixes #1777)

- 3DS: Clean up legacy initialization (fixes #1768)
- GBA Serialize: Only flunk BIOS check if official BIOS was expected
- Qt: Disable Replace ROM option when no game loaded
- Qt: Defer texture updates until frame is drawn (fixes #1590)
- Qt: Set icon for Discord Rich Presence
- Qt: Show a warning when save file can’t be opened

Download: mGBA v0.8.2 x86
Download: mGBA v0.8.2 x64
Download: mGBA v0.8.2 Switch
Download: mGBA v0.8.2 Wii
Download: mGBA v0.8.2 Vita
Download: mGBA v0.8.2 3DS
Source: Here

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