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EmuCR NanoBoyAdvanceNanoBoyAdvance v1.2 is released. NanoboyAdvance is a Nintendo Game Boy Advance (TM) emulator written in C++17. The goal is to create a minimal, accurate and reasonably efficient Game Boy Advance emulator in modern C++. The emulator implements the core hardware completely and with high accuracy. Almost all games can be emulated without any known issues, even the 'Classic NES' titles which abuse a variety of edge-cases and undefined behaviour.

nanoboyadvance Features:
* very accurate GBA emulation
* RTC emulation
* high quality audio rendering
* game controller support
* basic GLSL shader support
* lightweight: minimal, configurable SDL2 frontend

nanoboyadvance v1.2 changelog:
* CPU: Optimized GamePak prefetch buffer emulation
* CPU: Reading prefetched GamePak memory engages the GamePak prefetcher.
* CPU: Delay all IRQs by four cycles (fixes James Pond)
* CPU: Handle pipeline flush for halfword reads
* CPU: Force next ARM instruction fetch to be sequential if the condition isn't met.
* CPU: Optimized ADC and SBC flag calculations
* DMA: Ignore repeat-flag for immediate DMAs
* DMA: Mask source and destination addresses on write.
* DMA: Properly disable non-repeating FIFO DMA (fixes #97)
* Timer: Greatly optimized emulation efficiency, timers now are scheduled.
* Memory: Fix unaligned S16 reads from out-of-bounds ROM
* Memory: Allow read/write to POSTFLG register
* Memory: Allow read from WAVE_RAM registers
* Memory: Fix unaligned S8/S16 reads from SRAM
* Memory: Handle DMA reads from open bus addresses (fixes #109)
* Memory: Improved GPIO bus emulation
* Memory: Force-align 16-bit expanded 8-bit VRAM and PRAM writes.
* PPU: Raise H-blank IRQs after 960 cycles instead of 1006 (fixes #89)
* PPU: Handle OBJ priority hijacking (fixes #99)
* PPU: Respect per-scanline cycle limit for OBJ rendering (fixes #98)
* PPU: Handle odd tile numbers in 256-color OBJs (fixes #106)
* PPU: Emulate tile number limit for 256-color OBJs
* PPU: Latch internal affine registers on mode switch (fixes #90)
* PPU: Handle setting V-count setting to the current V-count value.
* PPU: Make V-count IRQ edge-triggered
* PPU: Fixed broken semi-transparency logic
* APU: Clamp samples before converting to S16 format (fixes #100)
* APU: Use BLEP resampler to improve quality of direct audio.
* RTC: Fix off-by-one error in the day of month.
* GameDB: Added save type override for Acrobat Kid (Japan)
* GameDB: Added save type override for Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance
* GameDB: Added save type override for 007 - Everything or Nothing
* GameDB: Added save type override for Super Monkey Ball Jr.
* GameDB: Fixed save type override for Classic NES - Legend of Zelda
* Common/DSP: Linearly interpolate CosineResampler lookup-table
* Common/DSP: Added a BLEP resampler
* Miscellaneous: Do not sync to audio by default
* Miscellaneous: Experimental, optional hack to increase audio sample rate in games which use the M4A/Sappy sound engine. This will break games and is thus not turned on by default.

Download: NanoBoyAdvance v1.2 x64
Source: Here

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