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EmuCR:AppleWinAppleWin v1.29.14.0 is released. AppleWin (also known as Apple //e Emulator for Windows) is an open source software emulator for running Apple II programs in Microsoft Windows. AppleWin has support for most programs that could run either on the Apple II+ or the Apple IIe. By default, AppleWin emulates the Extended Keyboard IIe (better known as the Platinum IIe) with built-in 80-column text support, 128 kilobytes of RAM, two 5.25-inch floppy disk drives, a joystick, a serial card and 65C02 CPU. AppleWin supports lo-res, hi-res, and double hi-res graphics modes and can emulate both color and monochrome Apple II monitors; later versions of AppleWin also can emulate a television set used as a monitor. Both 40-column and 80-column text is supported.

AppleWin can emulate the Apple II joystick (using the PC's default controller), paddle controllers (using the computer mouse), and can also emulate the Apple II joystick using the PC keyboard. AppleWin can also use the PC speaker to emulate the Apple II's sound if no sound card is available (does not work under NT-based Windows versions). Full screen mode is available through the use of DirectX. Features added to the latest versions of AppleWin include Ethernet support using Uthernet, Mockingboard and Phasor sound card support, SSI263 speech synthesis, hard drive disk images and save states.

AppleWin v1.29.14.0 Changelog:
[Change #822] Updated Uthernet card support to use Npcap for Win10.
[Change #806] Added support for 'Base 64A' - a Taiwanese Apple II clone.
[Change #763] Support for PAL(50Hz) killing color-burst during TEXT video mode.
When 50Hz, then AppleWin's window title changes to "Color (PAL Monitor)" instead of "Color (NTSC Monitor)"
[Change #781] Loading a large save-state takes some time - added a busy indicator.
[Change #139] NIB disk image: added warning if any track's first D5-nibble triple isn't an address prologue.
[Bug #824] Fixed a regression in multi-zip support (introduced at
[Bug #820] Fixed a GDI Object leak (occurring when accessing the Disk II with AppleWin minimised).
[Bug #813] Mockingboard playback looping after entering debugger then configuration.
[Bug #809] Fixed a memory leak.
[Bug #801] Wrong timing with LSR abs,X / ROR abs,X / ROL abs,X for the 6502 CPU.
[Bug #796] Fix for 'IRQ occurring on last cycle of opcode' not always true.
[Bug #751] No-Slot Clock running and power-cycle can causes lock-up on power-cycle.
NSC state persisted to save-state.
added a new switch '-no-nsc' to configure Apple II without an NSC.
[Bug #663, #691] Fixes for image loading switches (-d1,-d2,-h1,-h2,-s5d1,-s5d2):
support relative paths (#663).
updated the current directory with the path for each loaded image (#663) & when saving state (#691).
added a new switch '-current-dir ' to guarantee the current dir after using image loading switches.
[Bug #52] Fixed the 6502/65C02 false-read of 6522 issue for Willy Byte!
[PR #800] Improved debugger's rendering speed for PrintGlyph().

Download: AppleWin v1.29.14.0
Source: Here

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