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EmuCR: SimCoupe SimCoupe (2020/08/19) is released. SimCoupe emulates the SAM Coupe - a Britsh Z80-based home computer released in 1989 by Miles Gordon Technology. See the Links section at the end of this document for more information, including history and technical specifications.

SimCoupe (2020/08/19) changelog:
updated D3D9 backend to D3D11 for G-Sync/FreeSync support (fullscreen).
updated DirectSound backend to XAudio2 2.9, for better dynamic device support.
added integer scaling to reduce scaling artefacts, especially in debugger.
added sRGB support to rendering pipeline for gamma-correct blending.
added motion blur option to reduce Gigascreen animation flicker.
added alt- window scaling up to Alt-9 (500%).
added multi-sector read support to ATA devices (used by PlayAnimHD).
changed frame sync to be time based for smoother frame delivery.
changed function key mappings to use strings in config file.
fixed reset when LINE port set to zero giving black boot screen.
fixed creating new MGT/CPM images.
removed video scanline support, which is less useful on modern displays.
removed window size snapping and forced window size changes.
removed real Windows printer support.

Download: SimCoupe (2020/08/19)

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