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Kernal64 v1.6.2b5 is released. Kernal64 is a Scala Commodore 64 & 128 emulator.

Kernal64 v1.6.2b5 changelog:
added CSDB service provider. New entry under Games menĂ¹
general keyboard handling improvements: added support for italian, german and english layout. Now the emulator will start with a default keyboard settings according to local layout.
Fixed a bug on keyboard editor: when the user changed a key mapping it takes place immediately, but if the user re-opens the editor the new mapping was lost.
Added state saving support for CRT.
Fixed keyboard control port: it didn't recognize key mapping modification. Restart was needed.
Now TCPRS232 has the same configuration string of Telnet one, so it can be possible to specify host:port later in order to use at commands.
Fixed error when keyboard layout (according to locale) is not found
1541/1571 drives
Fixed handling of acknowledge data line when DDR is not set to output. Now NeoHabitat (https://github.com/frandallfarmer/neohabitat/blob/master/README.md) works properly.
Added grey dot emulation for 8565 C128 only.

Download: Kernal64 v1.6.2b5

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