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EmuCR: RockNESRockNES v5.6 is released. RockNES is a Nintendo (NES) emulator that supports total PPU emulation, total intelligent emulation (including VRCVI intelligent, used by some Japanese games), battery backed RAM, Famicom DiskSystem, VS Unisystem, and some 70 different mappers. In gain, RockNES includes lots of different video modes, as substantially as the ability to loading and economise your back at any stage. You can flush record movies of gameplay.

RockNES v5.6 Changelog:
- Partial code rewrites, some optimizations and tweaks.
- Savestate version is now 7 (old saves are not compatible).
- Data at CPU $6000-$7FFF is now saved into savestates (SRAM/WRAM).
- Fixed a few problems parsing the config file.
- Fixed path for FDS BIOS loading (same of RockNES.exe folder).
- Fixed a deadlock bug on application window close (X at corner).
- Fixed CPU opcode $20 (JSR).
- Fixed CPU branch timings.
- Fixed a bug in the DMA operations of sprites and DMC sound channel.
- Fixed a potential crash in the CPU schedule system.
- Revision in the CPU opcodes.
- Fixed sprite RAM data saving in savestates.
- Fixed sprite refresh (R.C. Pro AM II works).
- Added a check for expected CHR ROM/RAM in each mapper.
- Revision in the PPU frame timing and CPU opcodes.
- New NTSC palette.
- Fixed a bug saving palettes (incorrect warning).
- Fixed bitmap clearing in triple buffering mode.
- Fixed switching to VS palettes.
- Fixed loading an external palette file.
- Fixed wallpaper loading path (should look at the binary folder too).
- Scanlines effect code rewritten from scratch.
- Reworked most of the color styles palette calculations.
- Added missing joystick turbo settings on config file parsing.
- Fixed incorrect assignment for BACKSPACE key.
- Fixed support for joysticks, now D-pad works again!
- Fixed APU noise channel reset (fixes Ghostbusters) and sweeps.
- Fixed a bug in the APU mono/stereo switching.
- Fixed sound startup and configuration.
- Fixed DMC channel initial state.
- Reworked the audio rendering a bit.
- Changed the sound sample rate from 48000 back to 44100Hz, works on low-end PCs.
- Reduced drastically the sound cache for minimal latency.
[nsf driver]
- Fixed a bug in the NSF savestate block.
- Fixed NSF track selector, works for player 1 only.
- If a NSF file has no game title, it's now replaced by its filename.
- Added proper support for Acclaim's MC-ACC IRQs.
- Added savestate data for mappers 46 & 187.
- Revision in the MMC3/Acclaim PPU IRQ codes.

Download: RockNES v5.6
Source: Here

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