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EmuCR: ZX-PolyZX-Poly v2.1.0 is released. It is a multi-CPU ZXSpectrum clone.

ZX-Poly v2.1.0 changelog:
improved internal timing
base sound synthesizer frequency increased to 48000 Hz
added item Kempston mouse allowed into Preferences, by default active
added item Default ZX128 into Preferences to activate ZXMode just on start of the emulator
improved decode of #7FFD port in ZX-mode to increase compatibility
added support of loading ROM from local bootstrap.rom file placed in emulator folder
added support of TurboSound (NedoPC version)
embedded GraalVM updated to 20.2.0
improved Z80 emulation
improved emulation of AY8910
improved decoding of AY8910 port

Download: ZX-Poly v2.1.0

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