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EmuCR:nemulatorNemulator v4.3 is released. Nemulator is win32 NES emulator.nemulator 2.0 uses DirectX 10, therefore Windows Vista or Windows 7 is required. If you receive an error message stating that d3dx10_33.dll is missing, please download the latest DirectX 10 update from Microsoft at microsoft.com. You need a lot of horsepower (probably a dual-CPU/core system) to run the menu at full speed.

nemulator v4.3 Changelog:
Fixed Punch-Out sprite corruption
Add NES Mapper 189 (Thunder Warrior, SF2 World Warrior)
NES APU IRQ Fixes (Fixes SMB3 Spade Panel glitch)
Use new API to disable screen saver
NES Mapper 32 fixes for Ai Sensei no Oshiete - Watashi no Hoshi (J)
Detect bad header in Youkai Kuraba, Family Boxing, Damist '89
NES MMC1 fixes for Ninjara Hoi! (J)
NES PPU fixes for Knight Rider
Add NES Mapper 13 (Videomation)
SMS: CPU fixes for Parlour Games
SMS: Fix region detection
SMS: Fix joypad 2 input
SMS: Fix IM mode 0 handling (Bubble Bobble, Alien 3)
SMS: CPU performance optimizations
Audio filtering improvements
Add option to not pause when window loses focus (app.pause_on_lost_focus in nemulator.ini)
NES: PPU fix for glitch in Solstice intro
NES: PPU fix for Isolated Warrior
SMS: Fix VDP IRQ timing
Reduced CPU utilization
Gamma correction fixes
Fix static for invalid non-NES games
Added icon

Download: Nemulator v4.3
Source: Here

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