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Tsugaru (2020/10/28) is released. It is an emulator of legendary Fujitsu FM TOWNS computer. The goal is to emulate model II MX, which was the last computer I pledged allegiance. Also I am trying to find and document undocumented features of FM TOWNS system as much as possible while writing the emulator.

Tsugaru (2020/10/28) changelog:
-DAMPERWIRELINE option to emulate trinitron CRT monitor (also exposed…
… in the GUI). Screenshot command SS in CUI, or can be done from GUI as well. Support high-resolution (1024x768) and 24-bit color modes. Fixed CPU behavior of MOV EAX,DS (32-bit register from a segment selector). The real CPU erases top 16-bits of the 32-bit register. Tsugaru before modification was preserving top 16-bits. JTYPE works.

Download: Tsugaru (2020/10/28)
Source: Here

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