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EmuCR:Ootake Ootake v2.99 is released. Ootake is a PC Engine emulator for Windows. Ootake is the most frequently updated PC Engine emulator available for windows, and Ootake is also one of the more complete. Also, Ootake is FREE unlike Magic Engine.

Ootake v2.99 Changelog::
- The screen display processing has been sped up. The number of models that
can operate comfortably even on low-power PCs has increased.
* By the way, one note about the video card settings of the PC. If you set
the G-SYNC function and FreeSync(Adaptive-Sync) function to "Enable in
even Window mode" on a PC equipped with NVIDIA or AMD video chip, the
operation of Ootake etc. may be slow down depending on the PC environment.
(The default settings are fine)
* If G-SYNC and FreeSync are set to "Enable even in Window mode", many games
(such as games with fixed 60fps) will not work comfortably. Therefore, set
"G-SYNC / FreeSync is disabled in Window mode (default is disabled)". I
strongly recommend it.
- The volume balance of the CD sound source (CD-DA), ADPCM sound source, and
wave memory sound source has been finely adjusted to bring it closer to
the feeling of an actual machine.
- Fixed a bug that noise might appear on the CD sound source depending on
the setting environment of "Audio->Adjust CD-DA(for Sync)".
- The default audio settings has been changed from "DirectSound (a
vocalization method that has existed since the Windows 95 era)" to
"XAudio2 (currently the mainstream vocalization method)". Depending on
your PC environment and taste, "DirectSound" may be better, so please
choose the one you like. In addition, XAudio2 can play the sound at a
timing closer to the actual machine. (In "Audio" menu)
- The operation speed and timing have been brought closer to the operation
of the actual machine. The problem that the screen was shaking when going
up the stairs when clearing the stage of "Prince of Persia" (occurred in
recent versions) has been solved.
- Fixed the sprite display processing part. Solved the problem that
unnecessary sprites were sometimes displayed at the bottom of the screen
when the 1st page boss of "Tiki Tiki Boys" appeared. Also, when your
character overlaps the water areas on the 1st and 4-1 stages, the problem
that your character did not hide has been resolved.
- When playing "Tiki Tiki Boys", the bottom two lines of the screen are
automatically masked with a black belt. (As with the actual machine, the
reason is that noise may be displayed.) * If you play in the mode to
display the overscan area, this process will not be performed and the
display will be the same as the actual machine (the bottom edge may be
- In "Turrican", the problem that it is canceled in a few seconds when you
pause during the game has been solved.
- When starting "The Addams Family", the screen display is shifted to the
right by half a character. By doing this, the disturbance of the screen
display on the right end (which also occurs on the actual machine) has
been reduced. * Also, if you press the [F11] key and play in the display
range of the old TV, the disturbance will disappear at all. * If you turn
on the "Perform SpriteLimit" setting or play in the mode that displays the
overscan area, this correction will not be performed and the display will
be the same as the actual machine (with distortion at the right end).
- Due to certain settings (combination of "Audio Buffer Size" and "CD-DA
Delay Frame", which will change the timing of access to the CD-ROM
slightly), the "Snatcher" may freeze at the start. The problem that was
there has been solved.
- Fixed a bug that the "CPU-> Swap STRIKE & BALL (for Baseball Games)" menu
(baseball game count display replacement function) did not work in v2.98.
- In "Tokimeki Memorial", if you turn on the sprite missing display setting
(CPU-> Perform SpriteLimit) or display the overscan area ([F12] key), dust
that is sometimes displayed on the left and right edges of the screen on
the actual machine (probably used as a data area) is displayed.
- When used on Windows 10/8/7/Vista, it is displayed in a new type file
dialog (when opening a ROM image, etc.). This solves the problem that when
the audio setting was set to "XAudio2", noise (remaining sound from the
previous game play) might be heard when reopening the ROM image file.
- When moving the Ootake window, if the lower part of the game screen hangs
on the taskbar area, the position is automatically corrected so that the
lower part is just right and there is no gap.
- Since the official homepage site has been changed to SSL (HTTPS), the URL
of each document has been changed from "http" to "https".
- When using XAudio2(Audio menu) on Windows XP, the problem (occurring from
v2.82) that the operation when opening a file may become unusually heavy
depending on the environment has been fixed.
- Other minor details have been fixed and improved.
+ I began Twitter. (Japanese language & a little English language)
* The happiness of the game is the world human race commonness. It longs for
* I think that it cannot do improvement & correction of the above-mentioned
if there are many neither operation report nor defect report. Thank you
really for you who reported.

Download: Ootake v2.99
Source: Here

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