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PC6001VX v3.7.0 is released. PC6001VX emulates the NEC PC-6001 under Windows. PC6001VX is a fork of Yumitaro's PC6001V NEC PC-6001 emulator geared towards Linux & Unix like operating with the added bonus being compilable for Windows.

PC6001VX v3.7.0 Changelog: Opening files by drag & drop is now available.
Assigned double clicking window to toggle fullscreen.
HAT switches on gamepad is now available. You can use digital gamepad or joystick for Nintendo Switch.
Fixed inaccurate screen magnification ratio.
Fixed freeze when initialized settings.
Improved debug console font. Now you can see Hiragana and graphic characters in memory dump.

Download: PC6001VX v3.7.0 x86
Download: PC6001VX v3.7.0 x64
Source: Here

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