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EmuCR: PlayStationPSX Launcher v0.6.6 is released. PSX Launcher is a Frontend for the Playstation Emulator. This is a small launcher for individual games to ease load and setup games. It save all emulator settings for each game.

PSX Launcher Changelog:
ver 0.6.6
No more admin rights needed
Now also backup inis folder
Portable configs don't overwrite last used emulator

ver 0.6.5 Experimental
Allow user bezel overlay

ver 0.6.4 fix
fix a problem when try create a shortcut local when started in portable mode

ver 0.6.4
Now saves selected language
Supports open with
Remember last emulator used
And more fixes

ver 0.6.2
New profile save mode (save all configs to "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\PSXLauncher\")
Drag n drop Function (drop the iso on the Executable to create a profile)
Button to create the shortcut for the current profile
Helper tips
And More Fixes

ver 0.6.0
More Fixes
Remove "Local Mode" *use relative path instead
Fix display of the command line output

Download: PSX Launcher v0.6.6

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