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EmuCR: SameBoy SameBoy v0.14 is released. SameBoy is a user friendly Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator for macOS. SameBoy is extremely accurate and includes a wide range of powerful debugging features, making it ideal for both casual players and developers. In addition to accuracy and developer capabilities, SameBoy has all the features one would expect from an emulator – from save states to scaling filters. An SDL version is also available to Windows and Unix-like systems.

SameBoy v0.14 Changelog:
New/Improved Features
Emulation of the unreleased Workboy accessory in the Cocoa port
Emulation of Game Link Cable and infrared cross-game communication in the Cocoa port
Multiplayer support in the Libretro core now includes infrared support
The debugger now supports the undo command, which will revert the most recent state-modifying command
The automatic tester can now optionally output TGA files instead of BMP files
The debugger will now issue a warning when a ROM triggers PPU odd-mode
Improved support to non-QWERTY, Latin keyboard layouts in the SDL port
Simulation of an ambient light's effect on the non-backlit screens of the Game Boy, with user-controlled ambient light color temperature
Improved menu scrolling in the SDL frontend
Improved mouse support in the SDL frontend, with mouse wheel scrolling and a visual scrollbar
The SDL port can now select a boot ROMs folder
The escape button now returns to the previous menu in the SDL port instead of closing it completely
Improved noise when emulating the Game Boy Camera on frontends without webcam support
The SDL port will exit cleanly and report an error if it fails to initialize
The automatic tester can now optionally create battery save files
Support of two Real Time Clock emulation modes:
Sync to system clock (Not affected by turbo, slow motion, pausing, etc.)
Accurate (Affected by the mentioned above)
The automation uses the new accurate RTC mode for stable results across runs
Refinements to the icon
Linux, BSD and other FreeDesktop users can now install SameBoy as both a command line utility and a GUI app by running make install

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes
Emulation of a scenario where an interrupt might trigger OAM corruption
Emulation of CGB-mode TILE_SEL mixing
Correct emulation of wave RAM reads when emulating a Game Boy Advance
Accuracy improvements to infrared
Accuracy improvements to the window
Major APU improvements, with correct emulation of countless edge cases and newly discovered quirks:
Complete rewrite of Channel 1's sweep envelope
Complete rewrite of Channel 4's noise generation, especially mid-pulse writes to NR43
Complete rewrite of the volume envelopes, including "Zombie Mode" and related quirks
The state of the NRx1 registers are now correctly preserved when emulating models prior to Game Boy Color
Emulation of a quirk where writes to NR44 might be delayed on models prior to Game Boy Color
Improved and more accurate color correction
Fixed a regression and improved the accuracy of speed switching, fixed a bug where odd-mode avoidance did not work correctly
Improved timing of the STOP instruction
Optional emulation of audio interference from the Game Boy SoC, with a user-controlled slider representing interference level
Emulation of an APU quirk where triggering Channels 1 and 2 might advance the duty cycle in certain cases in CGB-E (and CGB-D, currently unsupported)
Correct emulation of the differences between revisions when it comes to writes to NRx2 ("Zombie Mode")
Accuracy improvements to RTC emulation
Minor improvements to MBC3 emulation
Prevent the printer from deadlocking if it was terminated during the transmission of a byte

Bug Fixes
Fixed a rare potential crash when loading symbol files
Fixed a bug where the Cocoa port would display wrong, dark, colors when disabling frame blending
Fixed a bug where the SDL and libretro ports would not update the game's border when switching games and emulating a model other than the SGB
Fixed cases where the audio thread would deadlock the Cocoa frontend
Fixed a bug where changing the rewind length in the SDL port didn't take effect until restarting

Download: SameBoy v0.14

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