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Swiss r1026 is released. The swiss army knife of gamecube homebrew. Swiss aims to be the ultimate utility Gamecube homebrew application.

Swiss Changelog:
@Extrems committed:
Reset registers as per BS2.
Rewrite fragments list handling.
Enable memory card emulation for Wiikey Fusion.
Use libOGC's GCLoader disc interface.
Fix issue copying over existing file.
Update Redump database.
Upgrade from MD5 to SHA-256.
Optimize fragments list handling.
Reset to boot.iso on hot reset or IGR.
Don't pollute fragments list with igr.dol when unused.
Use DMA for SD card write.
Use xorrisofs on Windows.
Update build-gci for 1358363.
Enable memory card emulation for SD Card Adapter.
Optimize read/write operations.
Don't use EXI hooks with memory card emulation.
Support DSI exceptions in a nonrecoverable context.
Fix disc read speed emulation after 5351bda.
Condense exception context.
Add boot sound selection.
Change back to less confusing No/Yes.
Support differently sized memory cards.
Use separate read buffer for streaming audio.
Enable ISR-based read method with DVD/GC Loader/Wiikey Fusion.
Move patches to top of memory.
Move up cheat engine.
Disable cheat engine hook in apploader.
Fix BI2 anomalies.
Show GC Loader firmware version.
Add space to GCLoader.
Add GC Loader firmware update notice.
Only stop DVD motor with disc drive.

@rapperskull committed:
Fix some compilation issues
Speed-up and simplify recovery iso generation
Fix compiler warnings

Download: Swiss r1026

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