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EmuCR: ZX-PolyZX-Poly v2.1.3 is released. It is a multi-CPU ZXSpectrum clone.

ZX-Poly v2.1.3 changelog:
improved INT tick processing
added support of WebSocket for streaming
added auto-restore of sound after turbo mode off
fixed reading of samples from unsigned 8 bit WAV
reworked form resize processing #18
added Old TV Amber and Old TV Green filters #15
added toggle button to activate virtual ZX-Keyboard #17
added auto-releasing for SS+CS on virtual keyboard #12
added configurable Protek joystick and ZX-Keyboard Off mode (either pressed F6 or flag in Options menu), to process
events only from selected joystick (ZX-Keyboard keys in the mode works only with pressed
CTRL) #11
added way define custom ROM path through preferences #9
added distributive for MacOS arm64 (game controller interface may not work)
embedded JDK updated to Liberica OpenJDK 15.0.2+10
added way change virtual keyboard skin through preferences #8
added support for snapshot and file containers drag and drop into main form #7
in Preferences added redefinition of keys mapped to Kempston joystick #5
added support for mouse clickable virtual keyboard (show/hide by F5 pressing) #4

Download: ZX-Poly v2.1.3

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