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EmuCR:bsnes Emulatorsbsnes-hd beta 10.6 is released. bsnes-hd (formally "HD Mode 7 mod") is a mod of bsnes v107.1 by byuu (high-level emulation for co-processors came right on time for this). It performs Mode 7 transformations (incl. HDMA) at up to 4 times the horizontal and vertical resolution.bsnes is an emulator for the Super Famicom and SNES video game systems.

bsnes-hd changelog:
The libretro core now re-applies setting overrides whenever settings change.
The setting override to allow widescreen windowing can now be enabled manually in the libretro core as an option.
The setting overrides for pixel aspect ratio correction and overscan are available again, only for the libretro core.
There are new setting overrides for the scale as well as for disabling the sprite limit.
It is now possible to soft-patch with multiple patches. (like in RetroArch, append "1" to extension of second patch, "2" to third, ...)
The libretro core can now also apply patches in IPS format. (discouraged, (un)headered is a core option)
Merged rom-size detection fix from upstream. (fixes some Metroid ROM hacks that would not start)
Removed the dependency libgtksourceview. (from upstream, only affected Linux)
Added setting override for doubling VRAM size (for widescreen patches and other ROM hacks only, please contact me on Discord for details)

Download: bsnes-hd beta 10.6
Source: Here

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