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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.83.14 (2021/06/01) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
Added support for directories on the Z drive, so
there is no need to put all files/programs on the
root directory of Z drive any more. Only one-level
directories are currently supported. There are now
six directories on the Z drive by default, namely
that previously appeared on the root directory of
Z drive are now categorized into directories, with
addition of some files/programs, such as additional
4DOS files, text utilities in TEXTUTIL directory
and TITLE command to change window title. (Wengier)
You can now specify a command shell located on a
mounted local drive via SHELL= command in [config]
section of config file after the drive is properly
mounted via INSTALL= command. (Wengier)
Extended START command to Linux and macOS systems.
It's disabled by default just like on Windows host
systems, but can be enabled by setting "startcmd"
to "true" or with the -hostrun command-line option
(replacing -winrun command-line option). (Wengier)
CHCP command in the TrueType font (TTF) output now
allows code page 932, 936, 949, and 950 to display
Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters and file
names with DBCS support enabled in non-PC98 mode.
By default DOSBox-X will enable DBCS characters and
auto-detection for box-drawing characters in these
code pages, and these can be disabled by setting
new options "ttf.autodbcs" and "ttf.autoboxdraw" to
"false". There is also option "ttf.halfwidthkana"
to enable half-width Katakana in Japanese non-PC98
machines. KEYB command (and "keyboardlayout" config
option) also accept "jp", "ko", "cn", "tw", "hk",
"zh" as key layout names for code pages. (Wengier)
Added support for printing Chinese/Japanese/Korean
DBCS (double-byte) characters when these code pages
are active, which by default ("auto") is enabled for
the TTF output, but can be enable or disabled for
all outputs by setting option "printdbcs" to "true"
or "false" in [printer] section. (Wengier)
Added ability to toggle between Shift-JIS (or Kanji)
and graphical modes using Ctrl+F4 key (or ESC )3 and
ESC )0 escape sequences) in the PC-98 mode. There
is now also an indication of graphical mode in the
function row. (nmlgc)
Added the "usesystemcursor" config option (in [sdl]
section) which when set to true will use host system
mouse cursor instead of drawing a DOS mouse cursor
when the mouse is not locked. (Wengier)
When opening "Save..." or "Save Language File..."
dialogs in the Configuration Tool, the new dialogs
will now automatically be in focus. For the language
file, the name of the current language file will be
filled and modifiable. Pressing ENTER key saves the
config or language file, and pressing ESC key will
close these dialog boxes. (Wengier)
Command "CONFIG -wl" will show the name of language
file being written to (if there is a language file
loaded then "CONFIG -wl" alone will write to it),
and command "CONFIG -ln" will show current language
name (if any), or you can use command "CONFIG -ln
-wl " to specify a language
name when writting to a language file. (Wengier)
Added special properties to CONFIG command such as
"hostos", "programdir", "workdir", "configdir", and
"userconfigdir" so that commands like "CONFIG -GET
hostos" and "CONFIG -GET workdir" will get the host
system OS and DOSBox-X working directory. (Wengier)
If a config option can only be changed at run-time,
"CONFIG -set" will now show such a message. You can
use "CONFIG -setf" to bypass, but the setting won't
take effect in the current session. (Wengier)
SETCOLOR command can now change the text-mode color
schemes in outputs rather than the TrueType font
output too (VGA mode only). (Wengier)
Added support for new TTF word processor type "FE"
for FastEdit, a new DOS text editor with functions
to view and change text styles. (Wengier)
Added "ttf.wpfg" config option in [render] section
which can optionally specify a foreground color
(0-7) for the TTF output, similar to "ttf.wpbg" for
the background color in the TTF output. (Wengier)
Added "ttf.printfont" config option in [render]
section which when set to true (default) will force
to use the current TrueType font (set via ttf.font)
for printing too when using TTF output. (Wengier)
Added additional options to the "mouse_wheel_key"
config option to allow conversion of mouse wheel
movements into Ctrl+up/down arrow (option 4), Ctrl+
left/right arrows (option 5), Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn keys
(option 6), and Ctrl+W/Z as used by WordStar & EDIT
(option 7) . More menu options are added to "Mouse
wheel movements" menu group as well. (Wengier)
Added menu option "Print text screen" (under "DOS")
to print current DOS text screen, if the printer
feature has been enabled. (Wengier)
Added menu options "Display TTF blinking cursor",
"CJK: Switch DBCS/SBCS mode", "CJK: Auto-detect
box-drawing characters" and "CJK: Allow half-width
Japanese Katahana" under "Video" => "TTF options"
menu group to toggle the TTF options ttf.blinkc,
ttf.autodbcs, ttf.autoboxdraw and ttf.halfwidthkana
in [render] section of the config file. (Wengier)
Support for UTF-8 encoded language files. Specify
a DOS code page with "country" option in [config]
section of the config file. Windows SDL1 menu and
macOS menu are now also compatible with Unicode
language files and characters. Also improved code
page compatibility for text in the SDL drawn menu
and the Configuration Tool. (Wengier)
Cleaned up the welcome banner messages and other
messages involving boxdrawing characters for easier
translations into certain languages. (Wengier)
Command-line option -silent now implies -nomenu,
SDL_AUDIODRIVER=dummy and will disable all sound-
related config option as well. (Wengier)
Command-line option -fastlaunch will now suppress
messages by "automountall=true" option. Also added
value "quiet" to "automountall" config option to
auto-mount all Windows drives quietly. (Wengier)
Added default value "auto" to "backend" option in
[ne2000] section of the configuration which will
automatically select slirp backend if available,
then pcap backend if available. (Wengier)
Improved handling of Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Break for shell-
based DOS programs. (Wengier)
Setting "irq" to "0" in [sblaster] section of the
config file will use the default IRQ number for the
sound card type. Also fixed "irq=-1", "dma=-1" and
"hdma=-1" not working as desired. (Wengier)
Option "dpi aware=auto" now defaults to "true" when
full-screen mode is requested when DOSBox-X starts
in Windows SDL1 builds. (Wengier)
The return value of AL in Int21/AX=0Eh is no longer
fixed. The game Jurassic Park may run after moving
Z drive to a different letter (e.g. E:). (Wengier)
Added "Change current floppy image..." and "Change
current CD image..." menu options to change the
currently active floppy disk image(s) on drive A: &
B: and ISO/CUE image(s) on CD drives respectively.
This makes it possible to change the active floppy
disk and/or CD images while a guest system (e.g.
Windows 9x) is currently running. (Wengier)
Added "Restart DOSBox-X with config file..." menu
option to start DOSBox-X with the specified config
file automatically from the menu. (Wengier)
Added "Refresh rate..." menu option (under "Video")
to set the video refresh rate. (Wengier)
Added "Enable A20 gate" menu option (under "DOS")
to enable or disable the A20 gate. (Wengier)
Added "maximize" config option in [sdl] section to
automatically maximize the DOSBox-X window at start
(SDL2 and Windows SDL1 builds only). (Wengier)
Added "allow lmsw to exit protected mode" config
option in [cpu] section to control whether the LMSW
instruction allows the guest to clear the PE bit
(leave protected mode).
Added "debuggerrun" config option in [log] section
to set the run mode when DOSBox-X Debugger starts.
You can now also switch them from the menu ("Debug"
=> "Debugger option: ..."), including "debugger",
"normal" and "watch", the later two corresponding
to debugger commands "RUN" and "RUNWATCH". Also,
the built-in DEBUGBOX command without a parameter
will start the DOSBox-X debugger. (Wengier)
Debugger interface now accepts the '0' key as a
command to single-step in case F11 isn't an option.
If you are using XFCE's Terminal emulator, this is
helpful because Terminal app takes F11 for itself.
"Debug" menu is now a top-level menu for debugging
builds (for non-debugging builds there is "Logging
console" menu group under "Help"). Also added more
debug options including "Generate NMI interrupt"
and "Hook INT 2Fh calls" under this menu. (Wengier)
Fixed /S and /F option (date/time-synchronization
ON/OFF) of DATE command not working. (Wengier)
Fixed aspect=true not working properly for some
screen modes such as machine=ega. (Wengier)
Fixed the mouse not automatically captured when
DOSBox-X starts with the settings fullscreen=true
and autolock=true. (Wengier)
Fixed inputs in the Configuration Tool when the
Configuration Tool is scaled. (Wengier)
Fixed keys may not work after loading a saved state
for the game Buck Rogers. (Wengier)
Fixed Windows detection for the game "Tex Murphy:
Under a Killing Moon". (Wengier)
Fixed serial ports 5-9 may not be usable with real
serial ports (directserial). (vkbaf & Wengier)
Fixed issues related to screen dimensions in TTF
output in CGA/EGA modes since 0.83.12. (Wengier)
Updated Windows installer to use the latest Inno
Setup 6, allowing features such as administrative
install mode via /ALLUSERS option. (Wengier)
Integrated SVN commits (Allofich)
r4443: Improve detection of Paradise SVGA in some
installers with additional signature.
r4453: Improve bittest instructions to wrap more
r4454: Enable A20 routines in BIOS.
r4456: The numeric keypad can now be used to
navigate the debugger when Num Lock is off.

Download: DOSBox-X v0.83.14 (2021/06/01)
Source: Here

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