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EmuCR: MednafenMednafen v1.27.1 is released. Mednafen is a multi-game-system emulator, for various platforms, including emulation of the following systems:Atari Lynx,Famicom,GameBoy (Color),GameBoy Advance,Neo Geo Pocket (Color), NES(both NTSC and PAL),PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 (CD) and SuperGrafx,PC-FX,WonderSwan (Color).

Mednafen v1.27.1 Changelog:
June 4, 2021:
SS: Added "Herc's Adventures" to the internal database of games to enable SH-2 read/write VDP1
draw slowdown with, to fix a few graphical glitches.
May 28, 2021:
Error out in the configure script when iconv is not found, rather than later during compilation.
May 26, 2021:
SNES: Applied untested fix for an issue with libco on PPC64 ELFv2 systems.
May 18, 2021:
SS: Corrected a few inaccuracies in the handling of SCSP EG phase transitions, per tests on a SS.
May 12, 2021:
Renamed intl/VERSION to intl/VERSION.txt to prevent a conflict with a system C++ header file on
case-insensitive filesystems(problem introduced in 1.27.0-UNSTABLE).
April 29, 2021:
Demo: Use #pragma(pack) instead of __attribute__((packed)), to work around a bug/design flaw in
older versions of gcc that caused the demo module's save state test to fail when compiled for a
Windows target(where ms_struct is the default structure layout).
April 28, 2021:
Increased verbosity of bad Q subchannel data error messages in the CloneCD CD image loader.
Fixed crashing with non-glibc iconv implementations when the user specifies an unsupported
character encoding in the debugger's memory editor.

Download: Mednafen v1.27.1 x86
Download: Mednafen v1.27.1 x64
Source: Here

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