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EmuLinkerSF v0.92.7 is released. EmuLinkerSF is a modified version of EmuLinker Kaillera network server created by Moosehead with new features by Suprafast. EmuLinker is a Kaillera network server. Kaillera is a client/server system that virtually any emulator can implement to enable network play, by mapping "Player 2" input to another user over the Internet using network communication. EmuLinker is a complete rewrite of the original Kaillera network server for the purpose of preventing exploitable bugs and adding features.

EmuLinkerSF v0.92.7 changelog:
Fixed vulnerability where a user who has left the server would leave a ghost game on the server.
Fixed game status change. (if someone was quit the game without "drop", then status of game was not changing to "waiting" when all dropped)
Added some error notifications for commands in the game chat.

Download: EmuLinkerSF v0.92.7
Download: EmulinkerSF Admin Client
Source: Here

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