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ROM Properties v1.8.3 is released. ROM Properties is a shell extension adding the ability to display additional information to file managers. ROM Properties is currently available for Linux and Windows. This shell extension adds a few nice features to file browsers for managing video game ROM and disc images.

ROM Properties v1.8.3 Changelog:
Bug fixes:
Fix a division by zero when reading PSP CISO/CSO images.
This bug was reported by @NotaInutilis in issue #286.
Fix a crash in the BC7 and PVRTC image decoders if the image dimensions were not a multiple of the tile size.
rp-download: Allow clone3(), which is needed on systems that have by glibc-2.34.
Other changes:
GTK+ frontends now use libgsound if available.
Experimental support for GTK4 has been added. It's not available by default (configuration is commented out in CMake), since none of the major file browsers support GTK4 yet.

Download: ROM Properties v1.8.3

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