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Amiberry v4.1.5 is released. Amiberry is an optimized Amiga emulator for ARM-based SoCs (such as the Raspberry Pi, Odroid XU4, ASUS Tinkerboard, etc.), that brings you the highest performance Amiga emulation. It’s an open-source project, build with the efforts of several people and based on previous work of others.

Amiberry v4.1.5 Changelog:
3dae160 fixed pipeline typo
7aa3d3d Changed version to 4.1.5
e21316d Added distro information to pre-compiled binaries
776dad8 Updated version date
f72049e Removed more unused code
2cb64ad Speed up Fast Copper
abd6c14 More removal of unused code
07ebbb6 Removed inactive code from custom.cpp
9c7983f Updated whdload_db to latest version
c8fd60f Added RPI3 64-bit pipelines (inactive for now)
e74044c Updated Readme to reflect Makefile changes
66f7c7c Updated Azure Build pipelines with new platform names
5368fdb Split rpi3/rpi4 64-bit builds to fix -mcpu wrong flag (#845)
1845bd9 Updated version date
8fb4256 #843: Don't change GUI Window size if we are in Full Screen mode
620ef84 Reverted default sound mode to Push with increased bufffer. Pull caused glitches in some cases
fd95c63 Fixed bug causing full-window mode to always show as windowed
8a7b319 Updated RC5 date
1e84fe9 Fixed bug where if the GUI window was maximized and emulation started afterwards, the emulator would shut down
4cb76e6 Fixed ShowMessage window would always change window size (it shouldn't if it was maximized)
ce74c03 Merged DrawBridge and GUI updates from dev
1bd4152 Added support for Kickstart 3.2 ROMs
53e29b7 Bumped version to 4.1.5 RC4
812a0ba #782: Brought back multithreaded drawing
3839adc VS project cleanup
433e716 Don't resize window if it's maximized
696fde3 Changed "default_fullscreen" option to "default_fullscreen_mode" and made it into an integer. It now controls 3 states: Windowed (0), Fullscreen (1) or Full-Window (2).
6cd8102 #454: Added Warp and Quick Save State functions in Custom Controls
72966b5 #501: Implemented Warp mode for SDL2 (End + Pause to trigger)
178bb03 #821: Added default option for sound pull mode in amiberry.conf
966e982 Added copyright and license info in About panel
db484fa #841: Added label to show timestamp of selected savestate
5869e17 #841: Increased Savestates to 15
4b85d43 Bumped version to 4.1.5 RC3
f558e5c Updated Remote deploy/build settings
9c1143e Fixed #824: Dispmanx would show black screen if loading another config with different screen dimensions
5dfcfcf DMX: initialize variable
6a54d10 DMX: Remove unused function
9725c40 #805: Renamed and fixed Menu to Guide button, in Custom controls
6f748d9 #805: Don't hardcode the controller Guide button to open GUI always
214a2bb #822: Use menu button from mapping instead of hardcoded SDL2 "GUIDE" button
61d69ef #827: Improved navigation in HDD panels
31bcd1b #827: Implemented scrolling with controller/keyboard in master
0c56da2 #827: Reduced width of Serial Port group
3bc4bed #827: Get rid of horizontal scrollbar in Misc panel
73f207e Fixed #823: Controller in Mouse mode didn't trigger Retroarch Quit combo
908d294 Fixed select button reading would pass wrong Joy ID to function
4784f5e Don't attempt to read from non-existing joysticks
972f8a6 Set Input Mouse/Joystick autoswitch to disabled by default
e26e7c8 Added generic Cortex-A9 32-bit target
0f9bb2a Ensure hotkey_pressed is reset after it was triggered to enter the GUI (@mrfixit2001)
09cabff Added CDTV as a command line option in --model
a650abb Change default sound buffer properly
6ce18c8 Revert "Changed default audio buffer size to 4KB instead of 16KB"
15b79d9 Retroarch: Change button mapping loop to fixed value instead of depending on external variable
4bbe681 Changed default audio buffer size to 4KB instead of 16KB
597f445 Updated pipelines from dev
4574328 Updated build pipelines
e02becc Removed VisualGDB solution from repo
d8c47a3 Retroarch: Fixed crash on startup when parsing controller file
1244dba Revert "Retroarch: Fixed crash on startup when parsing controller file"
d8820a1 Retroarch: Fixed crash on startup when parsing controller file
15217a8 Bumped version to v4.1.5 RC2
ff70f7a Cherry picked recent updates from dev branch
9432242 DMX: Don't remove blackscreen_element during subshutdown
da51a28 #825: back-ported improvements to master branch
be22dee #827: Navigation cleanup in Floppy panel
7af100e #827: Fixed Sound panel navigation glitches
9f46dd7 Bumped version to 4.1.5 RC1
4dd8496 #812: Backported fix to master branch
10cf29e Backport fix for #825 to 4.1.4
54dfe34 Retain version information in optimized builds also

Download: Amiberry v4.1.5

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