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Swiss r1179 is released. The swiss army knife of gamecube homebrew. Swiss aims to be the ultimate utility Gamecube homebrew application.

Swiss Changelog:
@Extrems committed:
Update Redump database.
Identify EXI devices that aren't Swiss devices.
Identify NPDP-GDEV.
Move fragments list to top of memory.
Dynamically allocate fragments list.
Move reserved memory use to top of memory.
Prevent BS2 from panicking on field rendering.
Support PAL 60Hz forcing with boot through IPL.
Enable hypervisor for WODE. (untested)
Enable memory card emulation for WODE.
Minor optimizations.
Show whether 60Hz or 50Hz mode is selected.
Avoid needless search for second disc.
Add experimental BCA (112 bytes), PFI and DMI dumping.
Only dump what is confirmed to be the BCA.
Speed up banner loading for Redump images.
Check for valid banner magic.
Break down reads into DVD ECC blocks for Wiikey Fusion.
Improve read queue for IDE-EXI.
Break down reads into DVD ECC blocks for IDE-EXI.
Improve read queue for Wiikey Fusion.
Enable 48-bit LBA support in hypervisor.
Defragment globals.
Improve read queue for SD Card Adapter.
Don't set breakpoint if debug monitor is unused.
Add DVD signatures for NPDP-GDEV IPL.
Update apploader. (extremscorner/cubeboot-tools@4777344)
Rebuild dol2gci.
@webhdx committed:
Added official M.2 Loader logo

Download: Swiss r1179

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