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EmuCR NanoBoyAdvanceNanoBoyAdvance v1.4 is released. NanoboyAdvance is a Nintendo Game Boy Advance (TM) emulator written in C++17. The goal is to create a minimal, accurate and reasonably efficient Game Boy Advance emulator in modern C++. The emulator implements the core hardware completely and with high accuracy. Almost all games can be emulated without any known issues, even the 'Classic NES' titles which abuse a variety of edge-cases and undefined behaviour.

nanoboyadvance Features:
* very accurate GBA emulation
* RTC emulation
* high quality audio rendering
* game controller support
* basic GLSL shader support
* lightweight: minimal, configurable SDL2 frontend

nanoboyadvance v1.4 changelog:
Audio: added a high-quality software/HLE mixer for the MusicPlayer2000 sound engine
Platform: added a new Qt frontend with OpenGL post-processing options
PPU: render sprites one scanline ahead (fixes #130)
PPU: fix an off-by-one in the OBJ draw loop
PPU: apply OAM draw limit only on OAM (instead of pixel) boundaries for now
PPU: fix Mode4 transparency (fixes #169)
PPU: emulate BG enable delay (fixes #94)
PPU: update internal (affine) X/Y registers only if the BG is enabled (fixes #177)
Memory: handle 16-bit KEYCNT writes (fixes #152)
Memory: HALTCNT and POSTFLG should only be writable from BIOS code
Memory: mask top two bits of the IE register
DMA: each DMA channel should have its own memory data register (MDR)
CPU: rework IRQ signal propagation delay
CPU: improve IRQ exception timing
CPU: emulate user-mode LDM bus conflict
CPU: handle invalid CPU modes
CPU: emulate MSR user-mode restrictions
CPU: boot into supervisor mode instead of system mode
CPU: handle rD=r15 edge-case in CMP/CMN/TST and TEQ
CPU: Thumb ALU shifts now mask the shift amount
CPU: fix unsigned multiply-long timing
EEPROM: fix address masking

Download: NanoBoyAdvance v1.4 x64
Source: Here

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