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Swiss r1290 is released. The swiss army knife of gamecube homebrew. Swiss aims to be the ultimate utility Gamecube homebrew application.

Swiss Changelog:
@bladeoner committed:
Add bug and feature reports
Add question report and add labels
Update reports
Add Github Workflow and update README.md
@emukidid commited:
Move rename and mkdir to deviceHandler level
@Extrems committed:
Optimize buffer copy.
Remove IP fragmentation support.
Merge buffer and stack.
Improve IDE-EXI v2 read performance very slightly.
Read directly to buffer when possible.
Use DMA to transmit.
Optimize certain FAT operations.
Unhide dot files.
Invalidate memory allocated for framebuffer.
Replace memcpy with our own. (experimental)
Add TOSEC database.
Recognize a modified banner as a modified game.
Fix parsing NDDEMO.
Add back legacy IGR combo.
Use opening.bnr in directory as directory metadata.
Fix directory icons on DVD and USB Gecko.
Use wrapper to concatenate paths.
Use wrapper to get device path.
Support formatted paths.
Add some FSP error messages.
Move up FSP settings.
Other minor networking changes.
Prepare support for FSP over a routed network.
Rebuild dol2gci.
Finish 7b40ed1.
Move cheats directory to be under /swiss.
Fix overwriting file with itself in root directory.
Fix regression from 75710a2.
Patch Killer7 to use the correct struct members.
Recognize errors upon file closure.
Add game integrity verification.
Only show option if game can be verified.
Update Redump database.
Refactor getFragments.
Fix last minute reordering.
Fix booting TGC files on GC Loader.
Enable patches on FSP server.
Add streaming audio emulation for FSP.
Force TGC files to use our reload stub.
Add IGR combo to forcibly reset game. (R, Z and START/PAUSE)
@lukas227 committed:
Fix typo in 2^13-1

Download: Swiss r1290

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