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Amiberry v5.1 is released. Amiberry is an optimized Amiga emulator for ARM-based SoCs (such as the Raspberry Pi, Odroid XU4, ASUS Tinkerboard, etc.), that brings you the highest performance Amiga emulation. It’s an open-source project, build with the efforts of several people and based on previous work of others.

Amiberry v5.1 Changelog:
07edadd Updated version to v5.1
6cdf797 Fixed #946: Check if X position has changed also, when using auto-crop
ab22441 WinUAE: Reinitialize Floppybridge support if drive mode is changed on the fly.
df16f44 WinUAE: Read track zero when checking bootblock contents. Disappeared in previous update.
f06cb63 Custom Controls: Use strings to parse custom control configs
5846bcf WHDBooter: parse H/V Offset settings from XML as well, if found (and we're not using auto-crop)
a3a2ff5 Fixed #944: FloppyBridge: loading a config with FB enabled would not initialize it
427031d #941: Updated amiberry.conf with missing default options
a17a4a7 #941: Allow parsing of Display settings from XML, optionally
645cae2 Disable Horizontal Centering by default
bd963dc Updated WHDLoad DB XML to latest version (2022-04-13)
279c458 #937: Make sure that when we go Up from About we also land on Quit, not Shutdown
489f363 Fixed #942: D-Pad would not work when using Retroarch configs
9d8619b Fixed #937: If shutdown button was disabled, you could no longer navigate to the bottom button row
56dbfd5 WHDBoot: Use SHA1 checksums as a fallback if filename doesn't match
e975c0e Recognize .chd and .iso as CD images when using --autoload
0161306 Added missing uae-configuration in boot-data.zip
a7c1329 Updated WHDBooter XML to latest version
dea9ea3 Added sources for AMOS-based WHDbooter
26253a6 Fixed #929: DMX auto-height would not increase height size dynamically, only reduce it
ad41dea DMX: Slightly increase minimum Height when auto-height is enabled, to avoid cases of some lines being cut-off (Lotus Esprit) #929
bfc8cad DMX: Fixed Width/Height and Centering would be reset to defaults, if changed when Auto-Height/Crop was enabled #929
e017a97 DMX: Auto-Height fixes
0833d58 DMX: Minor code cleanup when calculating aspect ratio
d6b3dd1 Fixed naming of auto-height->auto-crop in amiberry.conf
7b6357a Revert input auto-switch back to enabled by default
33eb328 Fixed case when creating folder in make-bundle

Download: Amiberry v5.1

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