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#CSpect v2.16.0 is released. #CSpect is a ZXSpectrum emulator by Mike Dailly.

#CSpect changeglog:
- Added directory functions to RST$08 plugin
- Fixed screen rendering time a little.
- on .NEX load, regs $B8-$BB are set to $82,$00,$00,$F0 - same as the OS.
- Added reg $0A = bit 2, to be able to disable DivMMC auto mapping
- Fixed crash when typing "BR :" in debugger
- Added a "-mouse" command line option. This will disable the "grabbing" of the mouse.
- When specifying an SD card image, you no longer have to specify -zxnext and -nextrom on the command line as well
- Fixed Copper when the DMA is running and blocking CPU, now counts DMA "TStates" instead of CPU ones
- .NEX files will automatically disable DivMMC PC address memory mapping
- Added -divmap command line, so you can force memory mapping of the DIVMMC "on" when directly loading a .NEX file
- Fixed a raster interrupt issue
- Added -copwait command line so you can easily visualise where the copper splits are
- Added -irqwait command line so you can easily visualise where the raster irq splits are
- You can now toggle the copper and irq visualiser with CTRL+ALT+S via the copper disassembler plugin
- You can now "set" command line globals via the Plugin interface

Download: #CSpect v2.16.0

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