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Emusak UI v2.1.4 is released. Emusak-ui is a graphical mod for Emusak. This is a tool which allows you to download saves and shaders for Nintendo Switch emulators using a compatible Emusak backend supported by both Linux and Windows.

Emusak UI v2.1.3 changelog:
Ryujinx made a new shader cache implementation, EmuSAK now supports counting shaders from old system and new system with this update. Please note sharing shaders does not works at the moment with new system and is now disabled until further update.
Improvements to handled devices V1
You can now select your games in the library using a controller and left stick
You can press A on xbox controller or X on PS controller to access game detail
You can press B to go back from game detail page
EmuSAK will not open a window higher than your screen resolution
This feature is very basic and will be improved in the future
Correctly fetch threshold for sharing shaders remotely, it was hardcoded to 50 until now.

Download: Emusak UI v2.1.4

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