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Swiss r1318 is released. The swiss army knife of gamecube homebrew. Swiss aims to be the ultimate utility Gamecube homebrew application.

Swiss Changelog:
@cristofercruz committed:
PSD source file for backdrop
@emukidid committed:
Update to current patreon supporters
@Extrems committed:
Bump down optimization level to keep size in check.
Re-enable Qoob on hot reset or IGR.
Reset SD card on hot reset or IGR.
Optimize textures.
Optimize button highlight texture.
Optimize backdrop texture.
Update Redump database.
Add patched gxtexconv. (extremscorner/gamecube-tools@846a04a)
Optimize intensity + alpha textures.
Fix banner blending mode in game info screen.
Move PAD hook to top of memory.
Round up size of reload stub.
Add xeno.dol GCI distribution.
Ensure /swiss exists before migrating cheats.
Update cheats location in tooltip.
Prepare for custom backdrops.
Optimize backdrop texture.
Add stdio compatibility.
Load custom backdrop from /swiss/backdrop.tpl on default device.
Add support for date/time-based backdrops.
Add clean titles.
Update package index.
Use clean titles in carousel view.
Improve banner text display.
Move selection to directory we come out of.
Refactor upToParent.
Add support for Datel MaxDrive and MadCatz GameShark save formats.
Use save file's internal name.
Fix some edge cases.
Improve autoload/recent list handling and usability.
Enable setting a directory as autoload entry.
Fix recent list on WODE and other devices.
Increase FAT cache size.

Download: Swiss r1318

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