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EmuCR: ES-DEEmulationStation Desktop Edition (ES-DE) v1.2.3 is released. EmulationStation Desktop Edition (ES-DE) is a frontend application for browsing and launching games from your multi-platform game collection. It comes preconfigured for use with RetroArch and a number of other emulators. It's also fully customizable so you can easily expand it to launch any emulators or applications that are not included in the bundled configuration. ES-DE is free and open source and will remain so forever. It's also true multi-platform and runs on numerous operating systems such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Fedora, FreeBSD, macOS and Windows.

ES-DE Changelog:
Made it possible to directly launch files inside directories that are interpreted as files
Added a scraper setting to convert underscores _ to spaces when searching
If no ScreenScraper video is found when scraping, a fallback will now be done to the normalized (low quality) video
Added support for using the manually downloaded emulators Redream and Ryujinx on Unix
Added Play! standalone as an alternative emulator for the ps2 system
Added Snes9x standalone as an alternative emulator for the sfc, snes and snesna systems
Added Atari800 standalone as an alternative emulator for the atari800 system
Added BlastEm standalone as an alternative emulator for the megadrive and genesis systems on Unix
Added MAME standalone as an alternative emulator for the arcade and mame systems on macOS
Added the SAME CDi and CDi 2015 RetroArch cores for the cdimono1 system
Added the PUAE 2021 RetroArch core to the amiga, amiga600, amiga1200 and amigacd32 systems
Replaced the RetroArch core 4DO with Opera for the 3do system
Removed the RetroArch DuckStation core as it has been superseded by SwanStation
Added the .ps3 file extension to the ps3 system
Added the .rom file extension to the atari800 system
Added the .svm file extension to the scummvm system and removed support for .7z and .zip extensions
Added the .wua, .wud and .wux file extensions for the wiiu system on Windows
Added --escape-exit command line option for the PPSSPP standalone emulator
Added -batch command line option for the DuckStation standalone emulator
(Windows) Added a separate find rules configuration file for use with portable installations
(Windows) Added an "Emulators" directory to all emulators for portable installations
Added missing scraper entries for samcoupe and zx81 for TheGamesDB and zmachine for ScreenScraper
neogeocd is now scraped specifically as "Neo Geo CD" instead of the more generic "Neo Geo"
(rbsimple-DE) Made the xbox console graphics slightly darker
The %ROMPATH% variable can now be used inside the es_systems.xml command tag
Added a %STARTDIR% variable to set the start directory when running an emulator (required by MAME standalone)
Added an %EMUDIR% variable that expands to the emulator binary directory
Added a CMake flag to build as Flatpak which prefixes "flatpak-spawn --host" to all launch commands
Added some Flatpak-specific code to work around the sandbox restrictions of this package format
A check is now done on game launch that emulator binaries are actually files or symlinks
(Unix) Renamed the icon emulationstation.svg to org.es_de.emulationstation-de.svg
Bug fixes
The MAME standalone emulator couldn't be launched
Using a custom image directory for the slideshow screensaver would hang the application if there was only a single image
On Unix and macOS, staticpaths rules in es_find_rules.xml containing spaces would not work
%ESPATH% variables could not be used in es_systems.xml
Navigating the list of alternative emulators would sometimes lead to an incorrect row positioning
On Windows, the find rule for the Mupen64Plus standalone emulator was not setup correctly

Download: ES-DE v1.2.3
Source: Here

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