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Peanut-GB v1.1.0 is released. Peanut-GB is a single file header Game Boy emulator library based off of this gameboy emulator. The aim is to make a high speed and portable Game Boy (DMG) emulator library that may be used for any platform that has a C99 compiler.

Peanut-GB Changelog:
Improvements to LCD rendering accuracy
When running the dmg-acid2 test, Peanut-GB would previously render the following screen:
Fixes to object priority and adding sprite limits on each scanline fixed the missing exclamation mark and the left mole, as shown below:
These improvements to LCD rendering are enabled by default. These can be disabled be declaring PEANUT_GB_HIGH_LCD_ACCURACY to 0 before including peanut_gb.h if these changes occur a performance penalty that is unnacceptable to your target platform.
Improvements to APU
Fixed issue #49 whereby poor APU emulation would crash Pokemon RBY. When ENABLE_SOUND was defined to 0, Peanut_GB would handle APU emulation internally. This internal APU emulation was pretty much non-existant. Minor improvements to reading and writing to APU registers fixed this issue. There is no other internal emulation on the APU.

Download: Peanut-GB v1.1.0
Source: Here

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