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EmuCR: x16-emulatorx16-emulator r41 is released. This is an emulator for the Commander X16 computer system. It only depends on SDL2 and should compile on all modern operating systems.

x16-emulator changelog:
Main differences:
New BASIC BLOAD, BVLOAD and BVERIFY commands for header-less loading
Improved default keyboard
allow apps to intercept Cmd/Win, Menu and Caps-Lock keys
fixed -prg with -sdcard
fixed loading from host filesystem (length reporting by MACPTR on EOI)
macOS: support for older versions like Catalina (10.15)
added 16 more keyboard layouts (28 total)
default layout ("ABC/X16") is now based on Macintosh "ABC - Extended" (full ISO-8859-15, no dead keys)
"keymap" API to activate a built-in keyboard layout
custom keyboard layouts can be loaded from disk (to $0:$A000)
Caps key behaves as expected
support for Shift+AltGr combinations
support for dead keys (e.g. ^ + e = ê)
PgUp/PgDown, End, Menu and Del generate PETSCII codes
Numpad support
Shift+Alt toggles between charsets (like C64)
Editor: "End" will position cursor on last line
VERA source/target support for memory_fill, memory_copy, memory_crc, memory_decompress [with PG Lewis]
fixed headerless load for verify/VRAM cases [Mike Ketchen]
don't reset screen colors on mode switch
BLOAD, BVLOAD and BVERIFY commands for header-less loading [ZeroByteOrg]
KEYMAP command to change keyboard layout
support DOS8..DOS31 (and A=9:DOSA etc.) to switch default device
MOUSE and SCREEN accept -1 as argument (was: $FF)
Changed auto-boot filename from AUTOBOOT.X16* to AUTOBOOT.X16
fixed RMB/SMB disassembly
X16 logo included in ISO charset, code $AD, Shift+Alt+k in ISO mode

Download: x16-emulator r41
Source: Here

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