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EmuCR: Mame ClassicMame Classic v9.5.0 is released. Mame Classic is the first Windows Front-End for M.A.M.E. to feature independent default settings for raster and vector games! Works with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, & Vista.

Mame Classic Features:
- Independent default options for Raster and Vector games
- Stores favorite games in separate list
- Custom settings for individual games
- Finds ROM changes between M.A.M.E. versions
- MAMEDiff support (requires mamediff.exe)
- Numerous game filters
- NPlayers.ini and Catver.ini support
- Icon support (requires icons to be unzipped in a ICONS folder in your M.A.M.E. directory)
- Game information (requires the history.dat file and/or mameinfo.dat file)
- Alternate directories for each directory in the mame.ini file
- Two ROM directories
- ROM and Sample verify with search for bad sets
- Screen Shots
- Ability to find and delete ROMs which are no longer supported in M.A.M.E.
- Maintenance to your M.A.M.E. directories
- Ability to disable Ctrl-Alt-Delete, Ctrl-Esc, and the Windows key during game play in Windows 98

Mame Classic v9.5.0 changelog:
Added : Accel and Soft to the Video Rendering drop-down.
Added : Option to List Slots available for MESS machines.
Added : UI LUT and UI LUT Texture controls.
Changed : MAME Classic is no longer available as an installer. The dependency files are now in a sub-folder under the MAME Classic folder. To have MAME Classic save its output and settings files in your Windows AppData folder, rename or delete portable.dat. Otherwise, these files will be stored in the MAME Classic folder.
Changed : MAME Classic now supports the history.xml format instead of history.dat.
Changed : XP Styles no longer supported.
Fixed : If theme was set to Black, some text such as Audit or Info results would not be visible for subsequent MAME Classic runs.
Fixed : MESS Settings button or link would sometimes become invisible.

Download: Mame Classic v9.5.0
Source: Here

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