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EmuCR: RuMSXRuMSX v0.84 is released. RuMSX was one of the first MSX emulations for the 32bit Windows platform. The main-problem is that no one of the existing emulators is really complete. To finish such a project with success it is necessary, that this emulator is FreeWare.

RuMSX v0.84 Changelog:
- Background color 0 on MSX1 was mistakenly adjusted for (unavailable) superimpose-mode.
- CAS: Debug output improved.
- Fixed ROM-Type detection for ROMs < 64KB (8K-48K). E.g. "Star Blazer" was recognized as "Chakkari Copy".
- Arabic layout of toolbar and statusbar was incorrect.
- Disk-, Tape- and Rom-Images can now also be changed using drag & drop, in the "Change Media" dialog tabs.
- Added write-byte command to debugger (for cheat, ...).
- Fixed POINT operation in V9938 specific screen modes. (returned color was previously always 0).
- Extended FullScreen-Zoom modes with "stretch".
- Added a "Edit" -> "Paste" function for text.
- Because "Edit" uses the shortcut "E" the "Emulation" menu now uses the shortcut "M". Paste is usually available, except in the following cases:
* RuMSX is paused (e.g. for debugging).
* The clipboard does not contain text.
* Paste of large content is still in progress - or a program (e.g. a game) does not process the pasted text.
* The MSX keyboard-buffer is invalid (e.g. during boot or corrupted by some programs).
- Video Computer did not display the error for the "Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32)" driver.
- SET SCREEN and SET BEEP documentation was missing in help index (could only be found in search tab).
- Optimization of internal debugger (write to file).

Download: RuMSX v0.84
Source: Here

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