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EmuCR: WiiSX RXWiiSX RX v3.0 is released. Fork of WiiSXR (a port of PCSX-R), a PSX emulator for the Gamecube / Wii / Wii U. The starting point for this code base will be Mystro256's WiiSXR, a continuation of daxtsu's libwupc mod of wiisx, which is in turn based off of Matguitarist's "USB mod5".

WiiSX RX v3.0 Changelogs:
For now, discarded the "Languages" option, which tends to cause some minor random crashes on the UI, with certain actions.
When you open a directory with CUE+BIN, only the CUE will be shown. This condition is only true if the CUE and BIN tracks contain the same name, i.e.: "Mortal Kombat Trilogy (USA)"
CD-ROM plugin changed from CDR Mooby to CDR ISO (PCSX-df). Highly improved game compatibility, and Swap CD fix for many games.
Keeping FranSPU sound plugin (psx4all) over the dfsound plugin (pcsxr), for the moment. This will give different compatibility/results on some titles when compared to the fork, and a tiny speedup.
BIOS, MDEC decoder (FMV), R3000 CPU updates and fixes.

Download: WiiSX RX v3.0

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