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a7800DS v3.8 is released. a7800DS is an Atari ProSystem 7800 console emulator for the DS/DSi. a7800DS is based on ProSystem. To use this emulator, you must use compatibles rom with a78/bin format.

a7800DS v3.8 changelog:
V3.7 : 23-Oct-2022 by wavemotion-dave
Optmization across the board for faster and smoother performance.
Gained enough speed that we have restored full HQ sound for the DS-Lite.
bonQ fixed graphical glitches.
Keystone Koppers fixed graphical glitches.
Latest homebrews added to the internal database.
New configuration menu so you can tweak settings - new homebrews won't need a new A7800DS.
Better A78 v3 header support so more games run right.
V3.7a - Fix for 320 modes. Sorry!

Download: a7800DS v3.8
Source: Here

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