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Gopher2600 v0.20.0 is released. Gopher2600 is an emulator for the Atari 2600. Whilst the performance is not as efficient as some other emulators it is none-the-less suitable for playing games, on a reasonably modern computer, at the required 60fps. (The development machine for Gopher2600 has been an i3-3225, dating from around 2012.)

Gopher2600 v0.20.0 changelog:
DWARF Support for ARM Source
added const types
breakpoints can be set on executable source lines
local variables visible when execution breaks
6507 Disassembly
fixed how entries are displayed under video cycling in disasm window
CPU window shows partially decoded instructions correctly
DASM symbols are no longer mapped to the primary mirror
automatic correction of misaligned DASM symbols
mouse pointer disappears when not in use
implemented ACE and ELF formats
cartridges can now stuff the data bus
1k atari files
simplified EF format
cartridges can now leave pins on the data bus undriven
implemented WD format
fixed obscure bug related to RSYNC
improved stereo output
network transmission delayed in order to allow the send buffer to be overwritten by badly behaving ROMs ( this is an emulation of a bug in the PlusROM)
improved send buffer display in GUI (receive buffer removed)
RIOT Emulation
small correction to RIOT register masking
ARM Emulation
immediate mode toggling is safe at any time
Profiling/Performance window
reset statistics now happens at the start of new TV frame rather than immediately
cumulative figures option, including warnings indicating whether optimisation might affect the accuracy
added SWAP command
CARTRIDGE DUMP command (atari derived cartridges only for now)
refined output of TRACE and WATCH commands
added COPROC and DWARF commands
STEP OVER no longer crashes emulation when 6507 is not at a cartridge address
Terminal (GUI)
insert mode fixed
error messages on quit no longer printed to terminal. this caused the terminal to open just before the program ended, meaning the terminal would be open the next time the debugger was opened
Timeline Window
clearer indication of scanline jitter
added "Save Timeline to CSV" in popup menu

Download: Gopher2600 v0.20.0

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