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EmuCR: aresAres Git (2023/06/24) is compiled. ares is a multi-system emulator that began development on October 14th, 2004. It is a descendent of higan and bsnes, and focuses on accuracy and preservation.

ares currently emulates the following 27 hardware devices:
* Famicom + Famicom Disk System
* Super Famicom + Super Game Boy
* Nintendo 64 (under development)
* Game Boy + Game Boy Color
* Game Boy Advance + Game Boy Player
* SG-1000 + SC-3000
* Master System + Game Gear
* Mega Drive + Mega CD
* PC Engine + PC Engine CD + SuperGrafx
* MSX + MSX2
* ColecoVision
* Neo Geo Pocket + Neo Geo Pocket Color
* WonderSwan + WonderSwan Color + SwanCrystal + Pocket Challenge V2

Ares Git changelog:
* spec: add support for .tap and .tzx format tapes
* msx: preliminary support for loading cassette tapes
* n64: fix tlb after cache implementation
* n64: add cache to speed up the lookup of the 4 most active pages
* n64: avoid unnecessary pbase writes in devirtualizeFast and hint as alwaysinline
* n64: use devirtualizeFast for faster lookups of cached code blocks
* n64: clear devirtualize cache on TLB changes rather than memory writes
* n64: implement correct audio frequency for PAL consoles
* sfc: bank -> page
* sfc: noise linear feedback shift register state constructed with or not xor

Ares Git (2023/06/24) x64 : 1cloudfile bayfiles gofile multiup pixeldrain send

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