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EmuCR: RetroHubRetroHub v1.0.1 is released. RetroHub is a frontend application, allowing you to manage and launch your retro-gaming library. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, yet packed with features and highly customizable. RetroHub leverages the Godot engine to provide a powerful 2D and 3D game engine for theme developers. This way, themes can be very versatile and unique, creating a platform of endless possibilities for customizing your gaming setup.

RetroHub Changelog:
New features
Added support for RetroAchievements.
Created integrations API for easier integration of third-party services.
Windowed/fullscreen mode and V-Sync settings are now respected during app initialization.
Increased ScreenScraper request timeout from 10 to 30 seconds.
Internal engine upgrade from 4.2-dev to 4.2.1-stable.
Fix app constantly saving settings despite no changes being done.
Credit side panel icons.
Prevent any controller input in the app when an emulator is launched directly from the settings panel.
Fix virtual keyboard not properly resizing when the app is launched in fullscreen.
Fix macOS build which had missing library dependencies which were not being bundled on exporting.
Default Theme
Updated to v1.0.1
New features
Support for displaying RetroAchievements.
Fix crash on systems where video playback is not working natively.

Download: RetroHub v1.0.1 x64
Source: Here

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