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EmuCR:PCSX ReRecording EmulatorsPCSX Rerecording v0.1.0 is released.PCSX Rerecording is a special version of PCSX with many new features such as input rerecording, cheat support, RAM search, RAM watch, customizable hotkeys, etc.

PCSX Rerecording v0.1.0 changelog:
* PCSX ignores the CDR plugin disc-switching functionality, so that is only controlled by the core now.
* CDR plugin is automatically closed and then opened after switching discs to force a reload of the CD ID.
* Fixed heap corruption when movie files were outputed. (ume.drink)
* Certain PAD plugins didn't work before; now all of them should work fine for input recording. (ume.drink)
* Random crashes during FMVs were fixed.

Download: PCSX Rerecording v0.1.0

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