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EmuCR: nullDCnullDC optimized SVN r116 is released. This is an optimized build. nullDC is an open source Sega Dreamcast(DC) and NAOMI videogame systems emulator for Microsoft Windows. nullDC runs several Dreamcast games at good speed, with full sound and music. NullDC requires the latest version of Microsoft DirectX, the latest Visual C++ runtime libraries and optionally WinPcap for modem emulation. As usual for emulators, a dump of the original console BIOS is also needed. It has a plugin architecture, with several alternative implementations (some ported from Chankast) for graphics, sound, reading games burned to CD-ROMs (it cannot read GD-ROMs directly) or disk image files, memory cards, etc.

nullDC SVN Changelog:
+Implemented Opacity level menu entry with 3 modes.
EmuCR: nullDC
-Reverted drkpvr files back to r110.
-Fixed pixel expanding for twiddled textures. (see Shenmue trees).

Fix by drk who also spoke the following yoda-like words: "you must unhack what you hacked young padawan".
r115 follow-up. :)

Download: nullDC optimized SVN r116
Source: Here

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