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EmuCR: PSXjinPSXjin SVN r514 is released. PSXjin is a PSX emulator with Rerecording features using pcsx core. It is intended to be an evolution of the outdated pcsx-rr with a new SPU core.

PSXjin SVN Changelog:
Took the hammer to the bz2 code since it was only useful in the cdr plugin which we no longer use
Clean up readme to be more relevant. Removed a lot of uneeded or outdated docs
Remove plugins folder since we no longer use any code in there
Fix changelog to be something somewhat useful
Movie docs to output folder and change MakeRelease batch file to add docs folder to release zip
Change "Disabled4" hotkey to Disabled since it is the only remaining unused one. Fix missing \n in about box.

Download: PSXjin SVN r514
Source: Here

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