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XM7'(DASH) v1.2L6.0/v2.9L40D/v2.9L40D-V2/v3.4L40D/v3.4JL40Dβ are released. XM7'is an eXcellent fujitsu Micro seven emulator for 7 platforms.

XM7'(DASH) Changelog:

XM7 '(DASH) for Win32 + DirectX (V1.2L6.0)
XM7.exe and documentation. Otherwise, FM-7 FM-series or data of 8 ROM, FDD seek sound data, sound data is required cassette relay.

XM7 '(DASH) for Win32 + DirectX (V2.9L40D)
XM7.exe and documentation. Otherwise, FM77AV series data ROM, FDD seek sound data, sound data is required cassette relay.

XM7 '(DASH) for Win32 + DirectX (V2.9L40D-V2 possession)
XM7 V2.9L40D Ni FMTV-added features are reproduced in 151-channel call. Definitely not serious.
XM7.exe and documentation. Otherwise, FM77AV series data ROM, FDD seek sound data, sound data is required cassette relay.

XM7 '(DASH) for Win32 + DirectX (V3.4L40D)
XM7.exe and documentation. Otherwise, FM77AV40EX/SX ROM data, FDD seek sound data, sound data is required cassette relay.

XM7 '(DASH) for Win32 + DirectX (V3.4JL40Dβ)
A trial version of FM-7 FM77AV mode and tried to activate the test mode in Japanese communication card.
Each version of β, is the state saving feature is disabled.
Only XM7.exe body. Explanation, please see the following changes.


V1.2L4.2 → V1.2L6.0 a list of changes.

Related "bubble bubble cassette"
32KB Baburuhorudayunitto (MB22601), 128KB Baburuintafesumojuru (MB22212), 128KB Baburuhorudayunitto (MB22605) worth of additional features.
Add to Sapotoimejifairu Baburukasettoimeji. The format is a standard extension is only in beta format with 32KB/128KB "BBL".
Available in all modes. However, the bubble cassette FM-7/77 32KB mode I / O function is enabled when the OPN overlaps the address is invalid.
FM-8 FM-mode and Boot mode choice bubble mode 77 32KB, 128KB add a bubble mode.
Tape (A) cassette (C) change. Tape (A) cassette (C) a child of the menu to navigate to the tape (T) to change the name. Bubble Bubble 32KB 0,32 KB 1,128 KB 0,128 KB 1 Bubble Bubble, ejecting all (E) added.
Configuration properties operation Baburuhorudayunitto 32KB, 128KB Baburuhorudayunitto add a switch setting. Can not be selected when setting off Mount menu.
128KB internal module configuration property bubble behavior (Unit 2 / 3) add a frame.
Bubble (B) sub-window to add. Baburuhorudayunitto 32KB, 128KB Baburuhorudayunitto capable of displaying information.
Tadashi Arata created a bubble cassette (B) added.
※ 32KB BUBINI bubble cassette without F-BASIC available. 128KB bubble cassette in the emulator must be initialized for the specified volume label is unknown.
Baburukasettoimeji drop support. Boot also supports auto-switching.
Access LED Story bubble cassette.
"1MB/320KB disk-related"
1MB FDC supports the door lock.
Disc 1MB, 320KB mounts to support both disk drives 2 and 3.
Drive 1MB, 320KB 1MB disk drives are displayed, respectively, 320KB changes to disk.
Two drives, three drives, two or three open drive (H), total ejection force (E) (1MB disk case. 320KB eject the disk when all the (E)), add a drive to open the two (B) 0,1 open drive (B) change.
1MB each drive eject force (F) added. Additional information display 1MB FDC sub window lock.
Add property to configure the switch running configuration 1MB disk. Can not be selected when setting off Mount menu.
FM-8 FDC from IRQ mode you can set whether interrupts.
D77 disk by right-clicking the title from the Media menu to mount the drive when the file (label) can not make changes.
1MB floppy image drag & drop also supports automatic switchover upon boot mode.
320KB 2 drive / drives and 3 1MB 2 / 3 additional indicators of access. To view additional 1MB Doraibuakusesuinjiketa 2HD. Width is considerably narrower for the display, the display file type (extension) changes only. 2x zoom mode to display the file name, however.
READ TRACK 2HD track single-density double density remained fixes some configuration other than the actual data that is generated when the track data.
When setting the property in the operation setting off 1MB disk, the color of indicators as well as access to the status bar.
"GUI" Related
V1.1L30 latest official version from the source port for additional functionality. However, the following topics: economic measures.
Back to the original thread because there was a problem with the polling process for the main operation of the keyboard that ※.
Chinese Mode ※ FM-77 ROM fixes the sub CPU load properly when put under control.
And resume full screen support hides the status bar.
Location corresponding to the resume of the current directory Boot Files window mount.
When the boot mode selection models can change during the model design changes to be BASIC operating mode.
INI files mounted on the resume on file to change the section, also supports resuming and Betaimejifairu set out to write temporary.
If you saved the file state at the end of an INI file, and supports automatic resume next start.
Pop-up window for the sub-styles. Property can be set in the Actions. The default pop-OFF.
Sub-window display position for storage. After restarting "restore" all sub-windows can be reproduced by performing the last time. (Position will be cleared when changing Sabuuindoumodo)
For control sub-window "Close All" is added.
Boot mode only when the model changes can not be selected for behavior change to be BASIC mode.
Disk 1MB / 320KB disc / cassette (C) during change in the mount with a child menu to display the file name.
Load a file name that appears in the caption / rename the saved state file. Disk and tape file name appears to be able to see abolished because the menu.
Road after the CPU operating clock, WHG / THG sound subsystem, Japanese, 1MB Floppy, 32KB/128KB Baburuhorudayunitto, did not fix the problem behind the RAM is reflected in the work setting switch setting screen.
Following the implementation of V1.2L5.0β, the official version because it was absorbed V1.1L30 features also implemented.
Multi-line display mode change to one line from the property sheet tabs Actions.
Property in work settings, FM-8 $ FD0F by access mode BASIC ROM / RAM you can set back the switching function.
Add a display drive access indicator number. Add a shadow of a character. For the background color changes to black at one time ejected when mounting a non-gray-black non-access.
Consisting of multiple media D77 states eject temporary when we changed the number of media from the Drive menu when you are mounting the file is released only if the current drive, drives and other fix is ​​not released .

The list of changes V3.4L40D V3.4JL40Dβ →.
In FM-mode and 7 FM77AV I try to activate the communication card in the Japanese mode.
Each version of β, is the state saving feature is disabled.

Items currently under consideration are as follows.
V2/V3 in the sub-CPU state for the normal operating mode and FM recording not sound settings, and measures of problems that interfere with the operation after the change when saving and loading. (The practice would be detrimental to the standard FM-7 FM mode is that only very limited circumstances source)
※ XM7 '(DASH) V2/V3 configuration state of the upstream does not alter the basic XM7 leave. Drive # 2 / # is what was originally set aside any information storage area 3. However, the upstream drive # 2 / # 3 GUI to mount the disk image does not provide a means for manipulating, we can change the header to upstream load. If you choose to save the above settings, because incompatible with the upstream, has been here for studying the inheritance confirmed it on upstream developments.

F-BASIC V3.5 + 1MB FD image (window)

F-BASIC V3.5 system disk was transferring the contents of the image 1MB, FILES screen is displayed.

F-BASIC V3.5 + 1MB FD image (full screen)


Full screen version of the above.

Download: XM7'(DASH) v1.2L6.0
Download: XM7'(DASH) v2.9L40D
Download: XM7'(DASH) v2.9L40D-V2
Download: XM7'(DASH) v3.4L40D
Download: XM7'(DASH) v3.4JL40Dβ
Source: Here

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