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EmuCR:JPcspJpcsp SVN r2068 is released. JPCSP is a PlayStation Portable(PSP) emulator which is written in JAVA. JPCSP is the first PSP emulator that is written in JAVA. Most people think java is too slow. But Shadow and his team has proven us wrong. The newest Java versions are almost as fast as C which makes it very interesting for emu dev's. Shadow and his team are working day and night with pleasure on the emu, many coders have dedicated to the project. Because it's written in java many young devs find it interesting to learn how the emulator works.

Jpcsp SVN changelog:
New findings in Loader: avoid "Unknown variable entry found ..." while
processing exports. Avoid memory error while processing imports.
Implemented sceMpegRingbufferQueryPackNum
Implemented sceAtracSetMOutHalfwayBufferAndGetID (based on info from
Fixed a bug in PGD streamed decryption (spotted by hyakki).

Fixed hleIoClose and integrated file closing with the async IO thread (spotted
by gid).

Download: Jpcsp SVN r2068
Source: Here

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