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EmuCR: DaedalusX64DaedalusX64 SVN r694 is released. DaedalusX64 is a N64 Emulator for PSP. DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn. It is a GPL Open Source project.

DaedalusX64 SVN Changelog:
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 217 - Salvy
[-] Small typo from last commit
[!] Simplified DaedalusFWCheck
[!] Removed alot of flags in RenderUsingCurrentBlendMode (they cause more overhead than good)
[!] Only apply zfighting fix when zbufer is enabled
Rev 218 - Corn
[!] Reverted microcode changes to cure compile error with Debug Dlist
[!] Reverted Fzero ship blend to shiny look
[!] Fixed proper and independent Zfight/Zbuffer checks
Rev 219 - Salvy
[!] Read command in one go, copy done in 64bit (saves 6 ops)
[!] Disabled Epak for StarWars Racer (fixes scaling issues, in game still dodgy though)
[!] Do not force clean scene for StarWars Racer (no longer needed)
Rev 220 - Salvy
[!] Corrected typo that caused tv out not to work anymore
[~] Fixed bug that caused PSP screen to stretch when tv out cables were connected
[!] Removed software clipping option (Been optimized over time, there's no benefit to disable it anymore)
[+] Added PSP info and other stats in BSOD
[+] Cull texrects and fillrects
[~] Removed microcode debug code which is now useless
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 221 - Corn
[+] Speed up using early FRONT/BACK tris culling in software.
[!] Some minor optimizations in VFPU rendering
Rev 222 - Corn
[+] Added display render stats on screen as an option (only available in Display list debug mode)
Rev 223 - Salvy
[!] Corrected (huge)mistake from 597 that caused slim cache to be ignored (small speed up in slim and newer models)
[+] Added PSP model in about screen
[!] Removed old blender and made debug text for blender not to spam.
[+] Added blendmode for fences in SSV
[~} Minor clean up here and there.
Rev 224 - Salvy
[!] Use 32bit screenmode for tv out
[~] Moved PSP model info besides date
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 225 - Corn
[!] Back/Front face culling now handle tris protruding near plane and culls zero area tris if in back face mode
Rev 226 - Salvy
[!] MemoryUpdateMI only write back when there's an interrupt (faster but risky)
[!] Fixed Conker's eyes
[!] Fixed Bad ucode detection in DrMario
[+] Added counter for rects clipped
Rev 227 - Corn
[!] fix compile error from prev rev
Rev 228 - Corn
[!] Fixed graphics bug (and Dlist counter bug) in Conker
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 229 - Salvy
[-] Reverted changes from 64 -> 32bit in interrupts (slightly slower but safer)
[-} Reverted change in GenerateCFC1 (it caused issues in the interpreter, it can be risky for the dynarec as well)
Rev 230 - Corn
[!] Alpha channel gets passed along even when doing lighting on a tris
[+] Added rendered Rects as screen debug info
Rev 231 - Corn
[!] reverted IRQ optimization that made Animal crossing fail(salvy)
[+] Some minor optimizations to the VFPU TnL
[+] Ucode names for Conker BFD to debug Dlist
Rev 232 - Salvy
[+] Implemented cheat support (this mostly based from 1964 and PJ64) [WIP]

Download: DaedalusX64 SVN r694
Download: DaedalusX64 Preview Pack (2010-07-27)
Source: Here

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