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EmuCR: DaedalusX64DaedalusX64 SVN r698 is released. DaedalusX64 is a N64 Emulator for PSP. DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn. It is a GPL Open Source project.

DaedalusX64 SVN Changelog:
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 233 - Salvy
[+] Added cheat menu (WIP, only disable and enable cheats option work atm)
Rev 234 - Salvy
[+] More WIP towards the GUI for cheats (everything is half or barely working atm)
[+] Added cheat codes for SSV
Rev 235 - Salvy
Disable temporally a couple of flags to enable or disable cheats (they don't work yet, due the UI part not working properly)
Rev 236 - Salvy
[!] Fixed bug that caused cheats to be displayed after loading a game with no cheats
[!] Fixed enable cheats option not working
[+] Implemented activation of cheat codes
[+] Show a msg if user opens the cheat menu with no cheats etc
[!] Fixed left and right pad not working in cheat menu
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 237 - Salvy
[+] Implemented cheat list generator for GUI (yay)
[~] Removed several hacks etc I had for it (when I was attempting to get it working)
[!] Fixed bug that caused last cheat entry to always be enabled
Note - frontend for cheats work perfectly now
Rev 238 - Salvy
[+] check if country id of cheat codes match to the selected ROM, if not they'll be skipped
Rev 239 - Salvy
[+] Compensate empty entries of cheat codes in UI
Rev 240 - Corn
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 241 - Salvy
[+] Restore value if XXX cheatcode is no longer active, makes it possible to disable cheats instantly (hackish as hell atm though)
[~] Minor clean up in cheat UI
Rev 242 - Salvy
[!] Fixed was enable flag and made it safe (fixes certain cheats to be disabled by error)
Rev 243 - Salvy
[!] Fixed bug that caused certain cheats not be disabled correctly (Corn)
[+] Store original value before writing cheat codes to memory (allows us to undo cheats when disabled, thnx Corn and Kreationz for suggestions)
Rev 244 - Corn
Note : This the last merge to B3 Update, Dev rev 249 is Beta 3 Update

[=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 245 - Salvy
[!] Simplified cheat store/restore routine (now isn't hacky anymore \o/)
[!] Make sure to store even cheats that write multiple times (Thnx Corn for suggesting)
Rev 246 - Salvy
[!] Tagging as Beta 3 Update
[+] Added more cheats to the database
[-] Removed debug code from Cheat routines
[!] Killed a warning in R4300.cpp
Rev 247 - Salvy
[!] Bump up OSHLE version number
[!] Fixed assert in OSHLE
Rev 248 - Salvy
[~] Added more info for a cheat
Rev 249 - Salvy

Download: DaedalusX64 SVN r698
Download: DaedalusX64 Preview Pack (2010-07-27)
Source: Here

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