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EmuCR: OpenEmulator OpenEmulator SVN r637 is released. OpenEmulator is an accurate, portable emulator of legacy computer systems. OpenEmulator aims to be an accurate, portable emulator of legacy computer systems. By using a software components framework, it is easy to expand a software emulation with additional software devices, just as a real system could be expanded with real devices.

EmuCR: OpenEmulator

OpenEmulator SVN Changelog:
Added OpenGL paper canvas page separator, updated device count in emulation
window, fixed PAAudio when playing a sound twice, fixed OpenGL paper canvas
borders, implemented OpenGL paper canvas pixel density
Work in progress: viewframe update
Implemented CanvasView paper scrolling, defined paper vertical clip region
Improved OpenGLCanvas configuration logic, implemented paper canvas postImage,
implemented OEImage overlay and clipping, implemented paper canvas update when
paper size changes, fixed paper canvas size getting stuck

Download: OpenEmulator SVN r637
Source: Here

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