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EmuCR:PSPident PSPident v0.74 is released. PSPident is a homebrew app that identifies the model of your PSP and displays the version number of your PSP's motherboard. This tool is very handy for the new PSP owners as well as to those who want to know the specifics of their PSPs if it's hackable or pandora proof.

The scener Yoti has released a new version of the homebrew PSPident , a homebrew capable of detecting the model of motherboard you PSP , and in this new version is able to detect the G-eneretion , ie, capable to tell us if our PSP is 2g , 3g , 4g etc.
This homebrew is very important to decide now to install a CFW / LCFW or make a Hellcat to our PSP, because if they are above TA88v2 , wee can only run HENS / LCFW s make certain downgrade's.

Identify your PSP's hardware with jas0n juk & Yoti's PSPident. Use this reference guide to figure out what's what.


PSPident v0.74 Changelog:
- Latest PSP models (TA-095) support
- Now you may see your g-eneration

Download: PSPident v0.74
Source: Here

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