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EmuCR:PS2 emulatorPCSX2 SVN r4920 is released. PCSX2 is an open source PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator for the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. With the most recent versions, many PS2 games are playable (although speed limitations have made play-to-completion tests for many games impractical), and several games are claimed to have full functionality.

PCSX2 SVN Changelog:
i18n: long-awaited update. Big changes on pt_BR/sv_SE/zh_*
cmake: install also the man page

Download: PCSX2 SVN r4920
Download: Official Beta Plugins Pack [09 August 2010]
Source: Here

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  1. I coudnt understand this long waited update...cd somebody throw the light on this update...thanx

  2. Anonymous#1 You're annoying. If you don't like to wait to get an update buy your own PS2.

    4Devs. Thank you for making this one of the best PS2 emulator, continue with good work.

  3. Anon 2 u r a nooB no not a Noob A BIG NOOB, a TROLL whose brain works slow or even in the reverse direction...coz i asked wat is this update about?....dont reply coz ur tiny brain might eXplode with the complexity of grammer..HEHEHE

  4. thanks.keep up the good work pcsx2 dev

  5. Thanks updates are working nicely, keep up the effort!

  6. byu disaprove lol jk ;p


    Whats with all theses useless updates
    get byu working on it

  8. PCSX2 (svn) Sep 13 2011 a bad joke or ??

  9. @ Anon 9

    It's 4920. It just says (I presume) 4918 in titlebar/console window. I guess they sometimes don't "update" that part. And for future, it might be sometimes "incorrect" like this. But EmuCR posters have never posted fake svn builds as far as I'm aware of. Regards.

  10. this revision is useless except if you want to learn new languages

  11. can someone explain why one always arrives with this "Byu"? What do they want with these "Byu"?

  12. Byuu=gay whore.. they selling this gay to suck pcsx2 dev team...

  13. @11 Byuu is the master of accuracy emulation,and defend the no hacks,no speed ups,to prevent another zsnes thats beyond correction code, and make everything close as posible to the console,he hates pscx2 team because they add a lot of hacks and speed hacks ,basically everyone at snes emulation scene hates byuu and his pals "D" and Nightwolf (another douche bag) that wanted to sell the ys felgana translation and calls everyone a kiddie pirate if they dont pay money to him,until dopiapunta came out and trasnlegted every Ys game for free, i think ys origin is out a few days ago, and Byuu ,D and nightcralwer are so mad right now lol,even nice guys like ghideon zhy, nightcralwer,tomato,neil cornet,kitsune sinper ,etc hates these guys

  14. @ Anon 11

    Byu is main coder for bsnes (SNES emulator). And he used a different route for his emulation that's "purer" that most others while IMO achieving kinda the same results for the user and in return increasing requirements tenfold. You need a 4.0 Ghz dual-core so that you can run games on bsnes without frame drop (and it's a "shitty" SNES). And so now Byu and some of his "followers" (I really think it's only one guy or maybe two and/or him) are trying (really hard, but failing) to talk shit about some other emulators (like PCSX2) while not understanding the principles of practicality. And the funniest thing is they byu guy as far as I'm aware never done anything other than that SNES emulator (not that it's not a great programming achievement(which is actually), but it certainly doesn't give him the right to be "rude" about other people's work).

  15. @ Anon 13

    "i think ys origin is out a few days ago, and Byuu ,D and nightcralwer are so mad right now lol"

    Nightwolf, you mean? (judging from the previous piece of text and the following? Meh)_

    On the other hand, thanks for the comment, I never really got around to check out byu bit more and just ignored everything about him anywhere. But it's interesting to know (the Ys felgana translation part). So, he's a bigger douchebag than I thought. lol

  16. yeah! you are right is nightwolf! is they "kiddie pirates guy" lol.
    nightcrawler is the guy at romhacking org

  17. Total lista of chance

  18. Some of you guys are immature and need to grow up!

  19. @18 yeah wanna suck their small dicks to make them mature? :)

  20. @19 lol you owned @18 good job hahahaha

  21. again this is the wrong version! many mistakes since JEI started updating this site

  22. Only language files are updated.

  23. @ 21

    If you bothered to check for yourself (for example from google source code page of pcsx2) or just read comments instead of accusing people you might get somewhere or just not look like a complete moron. :p

    Once again. They don't bother changing the "version" as you say part every time, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any changes/it's not new svn snapshot. Regards I guess. >.>

  24. gracias muy bueno =)

  25. It says version is r4920 but the pcsx2.exe still has 4018 in the window title. Why?

  26. A binary file comparison confirms that the pcsx2.exe files for r4918 & r4920 releases are the same - no programming changes. So, must be other updates but not the pcsx2.exe file and that's why it still says r4918 - because it is!

  27. @Goran H. oh for fuck sakes get off byuu's dick already. pcsx2 is not byuu so shut the fuck up go play your precious bsnes, and stop trolling on every pcsx2 video about byuu.

  28. @ Anon 28

    You fail on so many levels. *facepalm*

    IS TRUE???
    ps3 iPHONE4

  30. god...IS true...OHHH

  31. What:)PS3:)))))Emulator...
    but how???


  33. hey, there seems to
    be repaired, the god
    of war 1 pal, greenscreen
    in my pc. . . . .

  34. so everyone's dreaming of a ps3 emulator huh? tell me what ps3 game you wanna play and I'll find you an alternative title on ps2 or wii (or even on PC. hello *PC* users?)

  35. @ Anon 35

    There are several titles I would like to play and it's not really case of alternatives. Good games hardly ever have alternatives and are in that way unique... FF X vs SMT Nocturne, DMC vs GoW, ES: Oblivion vs DA: Origins etc. same genre but completely different. FYI PC is best platform in any case IMO. Also... SEQUELS!

    Now, would like to play next games. GoW 3, FF XII, Bayonetta, MGS 4, Uncharted 1/2... also concerning unique, Heavy Rain and Little Planet. Also DMC 5 is only planned for consoles (really hope they make a port,like with DMC4 which turned out to be better than on consoles). Anyhow, none of forementioned(except for maybe Uncharted can match some games that got out for it's predecessor, PS2).

    Anyways, I don't really even care for PS3 emu right now... Have over 400 savegames (I'm aware *facepalm*) and still about ~150 games from different systems that I want to play. So I'm fine. :)

  36. anon35
    true? can do something about it?
    if so Halo 3? PC, and Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit ...: ((I love fighting games

    please ...please ...:((

  37. hey goran H you AND ME PALS PLZ psn?

  38. no rev. yet? hehehe

  39. Why not buy ps2 console?
    you all

  40. @ Anon 40

    I explained it once or twice before in few threads prior to this one. Simply, PCSX2 experience, availability, practicality surpasses that of the PS2 IMO and it can already play all the games that I want to play on PS2 already on my PC... Did I mention that I can play ps2 games on my PC in Full-HD(and numerous other fun and useful stuff). So... :)

    Also, I kinda hate Sony. Matter of principles.

    @ Anon 38

    Ummm... Yes? But if that "psn" part meant PlayStation network. Then... ummmm... no. Regards!
    Goran H.

  41. anon Goran H
    I understand:))
    ... ok .. so what's to hate sony mainly :))))))))
    will not understand ....
    if we talk about PS3?
    do not hate that console:)?

    well is not an emulator to run even the PS3 menu ???:(

  42. wow what a fucking asshole! , go and fuck yourself goran h.
    my psn name for everyone that wants to add me TrueGamer98

  43. what? stupidity i just read form goran H? yeah right the emu is better over a ps2. because, it haves tons of problems and glitches, you have to figure out the right configuration and settings for each game, is not accurate ,None of them!
    but oh wow! I have a $800 pc, and can play on HD older bricky ps2 games , you just better say other thing's, like save state support or xlink kai for some online games,now that the network for ps2 is dead, but HD on Blocky polygons is sure not one of them Goran H.

  44. and why is say you are stupid is pretty simple and i will explain to you and to everyone that want to read.

    There is no "Insane Detail" because you are still using the same low resolution textures so it could render out at 10,000x10,000 for that matter and it would still look like trash(even worse actually). I think the highest resolution textures stored on PS2 games is something like 1024x768 and those usually are only for menus and stuff not geometry, I'd take a good guess and put textures probably in the 512x512 range.

    What im trying to say is If you think that is "insane detail" you seriously need to get your eyes checked, what it is in actuality is a super sampled blurry mess ... the detail has been blasted to hell. You'd be better off buying an old PS3 that has PS2 support and upscale that way hell even your HDTV's built in scaler would be better, not only is it easier it would also perform better and save you a hell of a lot of money compared to computer upgrades.

    What you could do with an emulator for PS2 is run the games at a LOWER resolution to make them look better.

    btw even if the game ran Progressive, it would still look like trash, well at anything higher than 480 at least.

  45. My problem is the graphics program of PlayStation. I own a computer, its very good. When these steps for setting up the program well. However, when more than resolution through the program to 1280 * 1280 I find a similar imagination of the player and the things around him . and my computer is i have processor : Core2Quad Q9550 > Cash 12 MB
    Ram : KingStone > 6 GB
    VGA : ATI 5770 > 1 GB DDR5
    Windows : 7
    DX : 11 .........
    so i need to fix this proplem

  46. @ Anon 42

    Nah, I just don't like Sony for taking over some PC franchises and keeping onto new ones like it's last piece of bread... and they are trying to kill PC gaming(Not possible, but not nice either). I mean, yeah, they are trying to do what's best for them, but they are hurting PC community in the process. Well, not as much as two-faced Microsoft with their Xbox. I love PlayStation as console. Mostly PS2 cause it has the best JRPG's that are worth in gold, but are non-existent on other platforms. And yeah, the emulator is far from being practical. But fingers crossed I guess.

    @ Anon 43

    It's just that I don't have psn account. Simple as that. Chill out. ;)

    @ Anon 44

    You're doing it all wrong with such hatred mate.
    I have a 3-4 years old PC and I can play all ps2 games that I posses with consistent 50-60 FPS in 3x native (there is no need for more for my screen) and all of those games are amongst most popular PS2 games, though most of them are JRPG's. Only game that I own and that seems to run bit slower then formentioned but still playable IMO is Shadow of Colossus but it's one of the most demanding ps2 games so it's excusable (second most demanding). So, you're dead wrong. And yeah, save states are pretty neat.

    @ Anon 45

    I understand what you're talking yet you're wrong. First of all, compare for yourself some decent ps2 games like idk Dragon Quest VIII in native and in for example 3x/4x native. See the BIG fuckin' difference? Also, some of game developers actually USED PCSX2 to see how their games would look in HD (God of War comes to mind).

    "btw even if the game ran Progressive, it would still look like trash, well at anything higher than 480 at least."

    No, you sir got something very wrong, once again, run a decent game on 3, 4 or even 5x native and you'll see crystal clear display of game. Yeah, you cannot increase the original resolution of textures that stored within the games, but you can change the way that you render it.

    "What im trying to say is If you think that is "insane detail" you seriously need to get your eyes checked, what it is in actuality is a super sampled blurry mess"

    Yeah, that's in native, that's what CRT's (TV screens) are for, cause you won't need to stab your freaking eyes out while playing on one.

    And your final advice is... To buy a new PS3 AND a new HDTV to be only able to play old PS2 games? Wow, that is some logic. And you also say it's easier. Wow, you sir, amaze me. And will save you a whole lot of money? I'm speechless.

    My PC would now probably cost something like 400 bucks (the rig itself)

    @ Anon 46

    It's a very common problem when you're trying to input manually some resolution that isn't in direct proportion with the native resolution within the game... To put it simple, instead of changing resolution like that, use the "or use scaling" option underneath it and set it something like 3x native and that will be it. Also in case problem persists afterwards (it shouldn't) check for net on that particular problem for that particular game. You might need to enable so hacks like "offset" for example that that particular game might need. As you haven't stated what game is it. Regards.

  47. exelente wiii -- www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1W5XPyJRvs&NR=1

  48. Hey guys check out the God of War 2 gameplay on this updated emulator. It works perfectly and has no bugs even on 2048x2048 Internal Res.


    Watch it on 1080p HD if you can...

  49. Goran H. is F@CKING RIGHT about pcsx2! even the devs are testing the HD rendering, so... pcsx2 ftw

  50. obiously Goran H knows shit about upscaling, internal textures, ps2 polygon geometry, or why the ps2 uses Progressive scan

  51. Obviously. :)

    On a completely different subject. I know. It's just that "you" assuming you're Anon 45 as well look like you haven't even used the pcsx2 ever in your life. It doesn't take a geek to see the big difference between "high quality settings" (sorta say) in pcsx2 and default one's in regular PS2 on a regular LCD screen for example. On the subject. Upscaling. Don't know nothing about it. What is it, kind sir? But I know that up-scaling obviously works great in this case up to the point, cause unlike in regular up-scaling cases of photos or DVD's for example here 3d objects (or geometric objects made from polygons) benefit from it greatly and make rendered scene look extremelly sharp. Second thing. ps2 Polygon Geometry. Mommy? Internal textures? Not sure about that. Can you eat those? Well anyway image files that are seen on games objects really won't benefit much, as they are set into stone. But on the whole they "will" look bit better (or a lot better depending on the object in question) when actual 3d objects look sharp and clean. Example: Grass. Up-scaling will make grass look as it was meant to be unlike a pile of muddy green shit it usually look like. The rendering thingy I mentioned last time. Weird stuff, eh. And lastly progressive scan? Stop speaking alien. Anyways I'll just say that it's a fact that playing 1080p content over 1080i is always desired. But I don't have neither time nor will to explain why. Google it. And please... Have a nice day and go fuck yourself. ;)

    Goran H.

  52. @Goran H. tl;dr

  53. Hello everyone
    I just tested some games on this build and here is the results:

    1- transformers armada : working ok in HW mode but has some lines in HW mode.
    2- Valkire profile 2 : graphic problems.
    3- Gundam ACE 2 & 3 : great graphics and sound but it hangs up most of the time.
    4- Berserk : works fine but cant see the health gage & secondary wepon options.
    5- FF 7 DOC : ok in SW but has some lines in HW mode.
    6- Gundam project 0097 (namco & Bandai): ok in SW mode but black screen in HW mode.
    7- shadow of the callosis : works perfectly 1080p.

    I would like to thank the pcsx2 team for all thier great effort, keep up the good work ^_^


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